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  1. Hello, I noticed that I am missing the translation of some words in the Portuguese version of Brazil, in the print that I am sending you still have some words in English..
  2. I installed it again and everything is fine, now it is updating normally, thanks, it took a little bit (although I understand the support is slow on the weekends) but everything worked out at the end :)
  3. So Brazil is having trouble connecting to the Emsisoft update servers, that's weird..
  4. and is frozen at 7%, by the way is a problem of connection with the servers of Emsisoft, I will wait for a solution, and apparently, only Monday, until then I will have to install another solution, since I can not be with an antivirus that does not update. Thank you my friend, I did not solve my problems but it helped me a lot, thank you for your attention :)
  5. Look at this, after hours, it appeared here 7%
  6. Do you want me to give you the print of the sites you sent me?
  7. In all other sites everything works, I downloaded some programs and everything right, only in Emsisoft comes that mistake, do what now? by the way I will have to uninstall Emsisoft and install another solution, because I can not run out of antivirus on my computer, since Emsisoft does not update
  8. Yes, I can no longer download Emsisoft AntiMalware from the site, the same error
  9. No, I'm Brazilian, I'm using the product in Brazil, I'm using the windows firewall and I have not changed any rules
  10. Do I have to log again and send the same lines as you sent? it's my personal desktop, and I do not use proxy..
  11. Yes, the computer I talk to is the same, I normally navigate, everything working, except Emsisoft AntiMalware that can not connect the updates
  12. It does not exceed 0%, is frozen and does not change
  13. I've done this several times, and it did not work
  14. I did all the procedure you asked for, but the problem continues, I do not know what else to do
  15. I have done everything here and nothing, I reinstalled and the same problem continues, it can not connect to the server, it is frozen as in the photo
  16. I hope he responds quickly, 21 hours without updates here..
  17. here is the log EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  18. The same error happens, I tried in various browsers and nothing
  19. Hi, I connected my computer today and as usual I opened my Emsisoft AntiMalware to see if it was updated, I checked it was 19 hours ago without updating, I rebooted Windows and nothing, it gets frozen 'connecting' and never updates, which I should do? thanks in advance
  20. Hello, I just got an Emsisoft license, my question is if I need to create an account on the Emsisoft site to register my license, or if it's just just typing it into the program? And if I need to format my computer, just type the license again or do I need to create an account?
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