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  1. JustPassHere

    How to configure the Windows Firewall?

    Emsisoft can help on specific case but no to teach all Windows Firewall possibility. About an Emsisoft interface for Windows firewall, they say no but you can raise your voice if you want to pay for that.
  2. JustPassHere

    Emsisoft Windows 10 Firewall Control

    Ok i see the blog "Emsisoft and Windows Firewall: Your questions, answered." No future Emsisoft application that sit on top of Windows Firewall then, if you change your mind you have already one customer for it.
  3. Please make something like a Windows 10 Firewall Control. I look the Windows Firewall with the advanced security window and it's painfull. Windows firewall with Emsisoft visual design and features, i buy it.