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  1. Sorry, but this forum is actually for users of the Emsisoft antivirus. I do not think that you will be helped here with your problem if you are not a user of the products of this vendor. Try contacting technical support related specifically to your security product. With respect
  2. Hello! I sympathize with you. Are you sure that your Emsisoft antivirus at the time of the attack was updated and functioned normally? If possible, tell us in more detail, under what circumstances an unauthorized process of encryption occurred? I think this will be interesting to many users.
  3. Yes, there were probably no associated infected files. But the changes in the Internet settings Floxif probably produces. In the screenshot, the result of testing by a known scanner after infection by this trojan.
  4. Jeremy Nicoll, thanks for the answer. However, I do not think that Eset can incorrectly indicate the origin of this file. Clearly it is said in the explanation that the file was created by the application a2service.exe.
  5. Hi! On the PC in parallel with Emsisoft Anti-Malware installed Eset Nod32. After updating the EAM, it constantly finds the malicious code in the temporary folder of Windows.
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