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  1. you can leave the others all and keep the tests in AV-Comparatives that I would not be commenting here.
  2. So emsisoft will go into tests and hits, I have 15 servers with Enterprise Security that will go into annual renewal and I honestly did not like the explanations of Arthur Wilkinson and nor do I have the confidence to renew, I have seen in the past decisions like this, for example, Symantec had very poor results in AV comparatives and in the real world, only returned to AV Comparatives when in the real world presented good results.
  3. Hello David. Thanks for the answer. I went through this incompatibility with a Kaspersky product last November. I look forward to the next result and hope to continue to see a product of excellence in which the protection of behavior is highlighted, which allows me to create specific rules for some programs in a simple and effective way. Thank you Paulo Rodrigues
  4. Why did emsisoft Anti-Malware have such a low score on the AV-Comparatives tests (only 96.9% detection) on the April tests? For two years I trust emsisoft, but with these values I will not be able to keep it in the servers I manage. https://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php Thanks
  5. Thank you Arthur Wilkinson. I'll schedule next week to remove Kaspersky's anti-ransomware tool and reinstall the Emsisoft server on both 2016 Servers, then post the result here. I say reinstall, because for the 2 Servers to work properly again, I had to remove Emsisoft Server. Thank you Paulo Rodrigues
  6. Hi Arthur Wilkinson I have installed kaspersky_anti_ransomware_tool_for_business_1.1.31.0_en installed on both 2016 servers and the other 10 servers 2012, everything with Emsisoft server and only gave problem with 2016
  7. Hi When I install Emsisoft server on a server with windows 2016, it simply prevents the correct operation of win2016. I have 12 Servers and 2 are with Windows 2016 Essentials, soon it will be 4 more. Is there any prediction to solve this problem of Emsisoft Server? I do not know if it is useful for you, but follow the attached log sfc scannow When I remove the Emsisoft server, everything works correctly again. log sfc scannow.txt
  8. I'm glad they work on the weekend, imagine 7 servers stay 4 days without updating, I would gain some more white hair.
  9. Hi. I have 7 servers that are unpatched at 12 hours Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
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