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  1. I have exactly same issue. CommService is now frequently spinking in CPU usage, for few seconds but very often. I have never seen this proccess in the past and never had issue with EAM CPU load (unless running scan or so). Enabled logging, doesn't seems to write anything yet. Located in the Program Files folder, right? Where should I upload it eventually?
  2. Hi, I previously posted about Trello app false positive. Same story again with Tweeten app. This is also from Microsoft Store and BB was triggered after couple of minutes running. Also same reason "Behavior.TrojanDownloader" which I suspect that it's due some background sync? I clicked for allowing app, which if I'm right Anti-Malware Network will count with it for building reputation of that file. However I'm just curious about reason why it's happening for Store apps. I checked file on VirusTotal and I found it's not signed. Could it be one of the factors?
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