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  1. I am very happy to find someone who is interested in helping! My case is the following Ransomware was installed on an application server that was set up to serve another affiliate company with us believe it was for this reason ... This happened on the 2nd at 6 o'clock in the morning and lasted a few minutes, our computers are with Eset nod32 configured and then Ransomware was encrypting all the shared folders on our internal network, for some reason it stopped operating and the encryption was partial and also there are no more records of it on our server we do not even have the page they always display the victim. Attached I sent 3 encrypted files and copies that I had of them without being encrypted, thank you from the heart. Thank you! Contrato Portugal - Segmento e Rodes.doc.id-10E807F1.[[email protected]].arena Modelo Instruções Envio Revistas1.doc Modelo Instruções Envio Revistas1.doc.id-10E807F1.[[email protected]].arena Acompanhamento.xlsx Acompanhamento.xlsx.id-10E807F1.[[email protected]].arena Contrato Portugal - Segmento e Rodes.doc
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