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  1. As an update, I just noticed that my EAM did another Auto-Update this morning from build 2019.1.0.9204 to 2019.1.1.9207. The update went fine and there were no log entries for features being turned off as with the previous build, so i guess this update may have been released to address the issue Thanks
  2. Frank, In my case once i saw the log entry that EAM had turned OFF "Start on windows startup" I did then check the feature under settings/advanced as you suggest above and the feature toggle button was also set to OFF (grey) I turned the toggle button back to "ON" and you can see this in the log entry in my original post. I then rebooted my PC to confirm that EAM would auto-start and it did just fine. The windows startup feature also remained checked as "ON" in Settings/advanced. This will be an issue if it is happening to everyone that gets this 2019.1 auto update as they will not realise that the "Start on Windows Startup" feature has been turned OFF ( unless they check logs ). The users will be unaware that anything has changed possibly for weeks until next PC reboot and then wonder why EAM is not running FYI my system is Windows 10 current build 1809. Thanks.
  3. Hi Emsisoft, I noticed in my logs after the most recent auto update to stable version 2019.1.0.9204 that the Emsisoft "CORE" disabled the "Start on windows start-up" setting as part of the update process. This appears odd to me, is this a bug or is these any reason that this setting would have been turned "OFF" when it was previously set to "ON" I assume if left unchanged this would mean that Emsisoft protection would not start automatically after a reboot or power on PC Cheers
  4. Same thing has just happened to me, Windows 10 April update 1803 came to my PC and once it started installing would stop at 8% with a complete freeze of the windows user interface, had to hard reset. After this loop happened a number of times with the same result I quickly disabled EAM after a reboot and before the windows update installation process started. After this the update installation to 1803 completed. I was running Windows 10 1709 64-Bit and current up-to-date EAM
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