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  1. Good afternoon, I have an older server that was infected with what, to my best ID, is Amnesia2. I was able to use ID Ransomware to point to Amnesia2 from the "note" and an encrypted file. And from there I saw the links to this site. The machine is running Windows Server 2003, and I was not able to run EEK on it, but I was able to run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool on it (and have attached the logs if this can be of help). The machine is the only one infected and I have closed the RDP port (requested by a software vendor for maintenance) which I believe was how the machine was infected. While I have used other tools to clean malware from other computers this is my first time dealing with ransom ware and was hoping for some advice/pointers by those more experienced with this particular beast. Thank you for any advice/assistance you can provide. Jeff Addition.txt FRST.txt