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  1. By the way, it would be a very nice to know exactly which information are transferred at a look up (with ' Look up reputation of programs'). Is it just a hash from the suspicious program? 1. Generally speaking. It would be a very nice feature (and at least in the AV industry unique) when everytime something is going to be transmitted that contains personal data/information (files, hash, file names, ...) a popup is shown with the informations listed and a possibility to decline/accept the transfer/look up request. It's the old problem, you need information for a better protection, but the user should have the possibility to control what he sends out. 2. Or at least a list at the 'privacy' tab that lists all possible type of information that is send with the current settings in EAM. Have you ever considered something like this - at least as an optional feature to not harm usability for the people who don't understad/care about it? Even when EAM is one or the leading AV regards privacy there could be done even more. And something like this would be a very cool addition. Actually, I consider a lot of other AVs out there as malware because the absolutely ignore privacy with their constant cloud look ups and silently transmitted files were even *.docx documents can be transmitted. All the best
  2. Hello, I'm trying to understand if I'm doing everything right. I'm testing some alpha versions from commercial software for a company under NDA. So I have to make sure nothing can go out via AV software at a scan or something (even when I trust EMSISOFT, eliminaiting a risk completly is even better sometimes). At the 'privacy' tab I have... - [on] Use SSL... - [off] Submit crashes and usage reports... - [off] Submit information about detecting malware - [off] Submit application and host rules - [on] Look up reputation of programs - [on] automatically allow programms with good repotation - [on] automatically quarantine programms with bad reputation Is it enough to prevent that anything (file Hashs, documents, ...) could be transfered over the internet in case of a false positive? Did I miss something? Any other advise regarding EAM for my scenario? It's so nice that EAM offers these possibilities (at least im pretty sure they do). Can't thank you enough for doing it right compared to almost all other AVs out there, people at Emsisoft! Thanks and best regards.
  3. Ich kann EMSI-Soft nur bestärken bei dem bloatfreien Konzept zu bleiben. Jeder der Ahnung von der Materie hat, weiß dass diese extra Features Mist sind und nur die Angriffsfläche erhöhen. Siehe diverse Project Zero (google) Security-Bugs bei AV-Herstellern.... EMSISOFT scheinen der einzigen AV Hersteller mit Verstand zu sein, dem man sogar in diesem sensiblen Bereich die Achtung der Privatsphäre abnimmt. Das wissen genug Leute zu schätzen!
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