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  1. I apologize for the lack of response. Had a family emergency. Everything seems to be running fine. I thank you for your assistance, particularly since the issue was created by my own error. I greatly appreciate the time you invested in my assistance. Thank you and my apologies for the operator error.
  2. Addition.txtIt still took some time to reboot. Initially the computer was very slow. It took 3 minutes to sign in but everything seems to be working well.... I re-ran the Farbar Scans and will attach below. It still looks like there are some nasties floating but I don't fully understand the reports. I hate to think after all of this that is so.... but they get meaner all the time I guess. I will check back late morning. FRST.txt
  3. I apologize. Another look and I realized EAM is still installed. I am in the process of uninstalling and I did receive a confirmation prompt. It is rebooting now. I will rerun farbar and post logs thereafter. I normally don't miss the obvious but I seem to be excelling in that area.... Thanks for your patience and my apologies once again.
  4. Everything appears to be working.... Here are the Farbar Reports you requested. There are a lot of things there that have never showed on any of my scans. It is rather intimidating as there are programs there I never knew. The games came preloaded when I purchased along with Norton trial. I had downloaded Nortons removal tool and yet it still shows up. I am baffled how so much stuff made it past the scans I do. I have no idea what Bonjour is or where it came from, I'm guessing Searchscopes is some type of adware. Quite intimidating really..... I'll wait for your response.... Thank you. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. I am waiting. I did the uninstall and received no prompt to confirm. After clicking again a prompt saying this action can't be completed it may have already been uninstalled. I hit restart and am looking at blue screen now. Giving it some time....
  6. I will do so now. If it asks for reboot should I attempt fate with the BSOD? or wait?
  7. Malwarebytes and avast. I am unable to access the control panel to look at system restore. I receive the following error "app was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)" I'm not sure how to proceed so I am open to suggestions.
  8. After quarantining items found during scan the computer shut down. I was able after hours to reboot into safe mode with networking. Following a reboot after hours and hours the sign in screen appeared. I signed in and attempted to view logs etc. I continuously received file system error 1073741819 errors and rundll32exe 0xc0000005 errors. Obviously nothing worked. After attempting to utilize control panel everything hung.... I hit the escape button and the computer went to bsod. I left it on and went to bed.... after multiple attempts to access I was eventually able to sign in and everything appeared to be back to normal. No more error codes etc. After shutting it off I am back to square one. I have no exe, error code 1073741819 etc. and am now afraid to shut it off. In looking at Emsisoft logs it was running the entire time and doing frequent updates which I had to shut off. My D drive seemed to be gaining a lot of data. I can't 100% guarantee the chronological order of these events as it has been days this has been going on. I have an HP Pavilion P7-1414PC Next Gen AMD Quad Core AB5500 Accelerated Processor 64 bit. This taken from the tag on the tower. No access to info in control panel. I cannot attach the logs as they won't export nor can I copy & paste them. If you know of an alternative... I believe the issue lies somewhere with HKey Users S-1-15-21 3931398849...software Microsoft Windows which it originally quarantined and then released. I am at a loss and certainly afraid to do anything at this point. It has become way beyond my level of expertise or comfort. According to logs 10/26 @ 10:01 Protection Started, at 10:27 Shutdown received. Nowhere throughout the rest of the logs does it note any further shutdowns though there have been more and emsisoft has continued to run while nothing else does.
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