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  1. I submitted the log files, please let me know asap if the devs have a solution
  2. Clients are Windows 7 64 bit, happening on all clients so far. But it doesn't matter if I'm trying to create install package with x86 or x64, with or without signatures I get the same error
  3. I just installed the console on a server 2012 OS. No other software installed, it's a basic OS install. It is joined to a domain, can find the workstations successfully. When I go to deploy emsisoft to workstations I get error "can't export certificate". If I try to create the install package to install manually I get the same error. Console version: 2017.10.0.3238 Type of installer: Both x86 and x64 with signatures (I've also tried without signatures as well) Installer version: 2017.10.1.8165