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  1. Kevin, Just went through the final steps. Thanks again for everything. Certainly looks like the machine is clean. Don't take this the wrong way, I hope I never have to ask for your help again!
  2. By golly, I think my computer is clear, thanks with your help. I did scan with Malewarebytes - nothing Then I did a deep Scan with MS Essentials - nothing Then scanned with EEK, custom. The scan is clean and the report is attached. I think we can call this done, Thank you very much. scan_171114-102627 Nov 14.txt
  3. Hello Kevin, Not quite home yet. After hooking up my external hard drives, did deep scan with MS Essentials, it detected a two bad files, and it recommend removing immediately, I have not done that yet. I can't export a text file so I'm repeating the data here. Detected Item: PWS:HTML/Payphish, this is listed twice Following Error Occurred: Error code 0x80508023 Category: Password Stealer File:C:\User\AD\AppData\local\Temp\tmp000078b7\tmp007da8fb->(SCRIPT000)->(EmbeddedCode)->(Form) File:C:\User\AD\AppData\local\Temp\tmp000078b7\tmp007dcce7->(SCRIPT000)->(EmbeddedCode)->(Form) Then ran the EEK and not surprising, one of the external drives found the same file four times in a backup zip files. Four different backups I assume. I'm attaching the Scan Log here. I can easily delete the backup files, as they are only back up on the G drive, if that is your direction. Thanks again in advance. scan_171110-213700 Nov 11.txt
  4. Kevin, Right now the machine seems OK. I have run a quick Malewarebytes scan and OK, also the MS Essentials is running and did a quick scan around 6 p.m. (normal schedule for me) found nothing. What is different now is that I can open Malewarebyets manually, update, scan etc. Things the maleware / trojan prevented me from doing. So I think OK. I'm going to hook up my external hard drives and do a deep scan with malewarebytes then Essentials, that will take some time. Hopefully all will go OK. Should I also scan with EMSISOFT after that to confirm all OK? Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks again, Just for future reference, when I attempted to delete Junk files in my Thunderbird files, I used the application itself to delete files in junk. However I noticed I had several locations for junk files. So I hopefully eliminated them by going into folders themselves and deleting. Fix log for today is attached. Fixlog Nov 9.txt
  6. Hello, Ran EEK and it needed updates for signatures which I did, then started the scan. The scan log is attached. Then ran the FRST64 scan and that log along with addition is attached. The EEK scan is still showing a bad file in Thunderbird junk, even though it looked like I had deleted all the junk emails per your instructions. Perhaps you meant for me to eliminate the junk folders. My external hard drives are still disconnected and the above scan is only on the computer so far. Looking forward to next steps. Thanks in advance. scan_171107-212735.txt FRST Nov 8.txt Addition Nov 8.txt
  7. My Gateway Desktop computer has been impacted by a maleware/trojan. Malewarebytes can see some of the files but blocked in removing, other files not seen by Malewarebytes. But Malewarebytes is not allowed to scan, I can't open it to force a scan etc. Tried Chameleon and that saw some files but not able to remove, now Chameleon is no longer visible etc. Tried your EEK. Initially (before reading instructions) scanned in safe mode (as this is the only place malewarebytes even got to see the bad files) and that scan did find an infected file. Dialog box said to run EEK, and Farbar in Normal mode and create the files to send to you. I have done that and the scan report and FRST.txt and Addition.txt are attached. I'm also sending the scan log when I ran EEK in SafeMode so you can see the file it picked up. Again, the safemode scan was done prior to the Normal scan as requested. Thanks in advance for you rhelp. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171104-202602 in normal mode.txt scan_171103-212108 in safe mode.txt
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