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  1. I am not using any remote access, neither i had used one in the past, the ransom note changed just 1 time, and the id ransomware checked it as Amnesia. Is there anything i could do to decrypt my files? Thanks
  2. Hello, Its been like 4 months that my pc got infected with a ransomware which has been changing since it first appeared, at first, my data had the original name with the extension .crypted, then like a month after, it changed the extension to .02 and soon after that, like in 15 days it totally changed the names of my files to something like this: 3w000000003V-VuJrqtypMh5lXiBltSd.02 They all look like that. Right after it got infectced, i tried to get rid of it, i did some research and tried to remove it before trying to decrypt, but what i only got was installing some clickbait programs, which you can download for free and run a scan and say they've found the ransomware and was removable, but asked for purchase in order to remove it. I think one of that programs was Spy Hunter or something like that. In any case to the date i havent been able to get rid of it, nor decrypt my files, i used you decryptor for Amnesia and Amnesia 2, but didnt work, i suppose its because the ransom is still in my pc. What can i do to recover my files? I'll attach some images in order to make this clearer, as well as your requested logs I could use any help, thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_171104-094453.txt RECOVER-FILES.HTML