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  1. Thanks for that little gem Jeremy. I never knew about that 5 times a day remap bit. Useful and very interesting. Cheers.
  2. A bit off topic I guess, but re-starting is a good way to solve weird various problems of any nature that just happen on occasion. It cannot do anything for a piece of bad code in a program, but it does clear many temp files, and volatile active RAM. So it certainly won't always work, certainly not. But I've learned that all manner of weird issues are gone after a reboot. For lack of better words it seems that all versions of windows from time to time loose the plot. Rebooting resets, and clears out faulty temporary files and that's often enough. I don't want to imply
  3. I think the original question has been clearly answered and makes sense too. Still, a worth while question so this thread has served it's purpose well.
  4. Right again I imagine. Any how thanks, I had been wondering about that for since I started using Emsisoft, about 2 years ago I think. Solved!!
  5. GT500 I think you are correct. Thanks. The minute I read your post above I realized that's it. I wondered why it never got fixed. At least I know now the reason for it. Thanks again!
  6. What I mean is I click custom scan, then scan the whole disk, that's it. Takes a while. I only use direct access for things which have been flagged by realtime monitoring, but which I white list as I know it's not harmful. Probably not necessary, but just an extra precaution. By custom scan all I meant was the third option 1. Quick scan. 2. Malware scan. 3. Custom scan. I suppose I wrote it poorly and made a very simple procedure sound complicated. It's not. Edit: By direct disk access I simply mean't I tick the box "Use direct disk access." which is in the options for custom scan. C
  7. My protection is as follows: Emsisoft monitoring always on. Frequent scans (Emsisoft) Emsisoft Browser security. Windows firewall But also a well known solid ROUTER based firewall. Occasionally turn on Defender and run both quick scan and custom full disk scans. Keep everything up to date - everything. Very important: Educate myself on current threats and be constantly vigilent. So simply put Hardware firewall. One good Antimalware product (Emsisoft). Being aware. Up to date everything. I have a clean and very zippy PC. The above has worked for years. I emphasize Vigi
  8. Seems sorted to me. One related thing that may or may not be of interest is that I have to exclude several programs in the"exclude from monitoring"box. But I have never had to add anything to the section " Exclude from scanning." I suppose that means protection is only blocking it when it's active? The files themselves with any scan are fine. (Often in more than just the program folder of windows, also could be users and program data too. I just exclude all files from the particular program from monitoring. All is fine. Need do nothing at all for scanning, which I do daily. Occaision
  9. I mentioned this about 2 years ago. Anyhow, I have to white list 3DMark, probably only,sys info.exe program, but I white list the whole program, and have continued to do so. It's no problem, and I have nothing white listed in the scan. Quick, Malware, and even full disk custom have never flagged this, so it's only the realTime part. One more, first mention is a steam game called Waves 2. I have to do the same , no action for demand scan, but exclude for realtime protection ) Note: both of the two above do go deeply into the PC, and may alter things for logging. (Im not sure about the
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