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  1. 3 hours ago, GT500 said:

    It should be. I don't expect that it would provide any added protection beyond what Emsisoft Anti-Malware is capable of, and since it's Windows 10 it's entirely possible that Microsoft uses data from their Windows Defender cloud network as another form of "telemetry", in addition to all of the data Microsoft already collects from Windows 10 users.

    Exactly my point,too!

    Thanks for everything!I know where to fing u guys next time I have an issue with whatever.


  2. 4 hours ago, GT500 said:

    For best performance, yes. ;)


    I'm not specifically familiar with how Microsoft's cloud protection technology works, however that sort of protection is usually handled by sending file information (file names, paths, hashes, etc) to a server that then compares it against a database of known software. The detection capabilities of such a system are typically limited, as advanced heuristics are difficult (if not impossible).

    We have a similar technology in Emsisoft Anti-Malware, however we use it primarily as an alert-reduction mechanism for our Behavior Blocker. We do also occasionally use to to help prevent false positives or to add detection for certain threats (the malicious version of CCleaner for instance), however for the most part anything that can exist on a "cloud" server can be bundled in a database update that an anti-virus software can download, so the most important detection rules would be in the database that gets downloaded and stored on your computer.

    Thanks a lot!

    Its ok to keep the cloud-thing off,then?I think anything cloud related and microsoft is a very sketchy thing...and I dont feel comfortable using it if I dont have to.

    I'll leave evrything MS off,except W-defender.And let Emsisoft take care of my security.I have much more confidence in U than MS!

    Thanks for all info,have a nice weekend,sir.(or ms)

  3. 14 hours ago, GT500 said:

    In theory there shouldn't be any actual security issues, however this is not something that is widely tested since running multiple anti-virus software is not recommended.


    It's only intended to be used if your computer doesn't have much RAM. The option moves most of the database into the pagefile to free up RAM, which means that when Emsisoft Anti-Malware needs part of the database that's been offloaded to the pagefile like this then Windows will have to move it back out of the pagefile and into RAM. This causes minor performance issues, as you have to wait for chunks of the database to be moved from the hard drive back into RAM before something can be scanned by the real-time protection.

    The memory usage optimization is off by default partially due to this, and partially due to the fact that most computers these days have tons of extra RAM (thus making the option mostly pointless).

    Thanks a lot!

    This means I should keep the mem usage option unchecked,right?

    I have one last question before I let u go on with ur life;can u tell me a bit about win.def.sec.cent./cloud-delivered protection?I know its not a Emsisoft matter but I was hoping u also knew a bit about it.Should I have it on or off?



  4. Just now, Umbra said:

    Potentially and theoretically. For example,  if you are infected the 2 antiviruses may "fight" each other to quarantine the malware, or one may quarantine it and the other antivirus will scan the quarantine folder of the other may try to remove the malware, causing unexpected errors, etc... 

    Mostly when you suffer heavy slowdowns in your daily usage.

    Thanks,I think I know how to set it all.


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  5. 19 hours ago, Elise said:


    Thank you for reporting this issue. To see if this is caused by Emsisoft products, please disable all Emsisoft real time protection guards (right click the tray icon and select "pause protection" > "disable for 10 minutes"). If this fixes the issue then Emsisoft may be blocking the application. If this does not change anything this problem is likely not related to Emsisoft.

    Thanks for ur response.

  6. 15 hours ago, GT500 said:

    This is expected behavior.

    Controlled Folder Access is a feature of Windows Defender and only works when Windows Defender is running. Note that Windows 10 automatically turns Windows Defender off when another Anti-Virus software is installed and turned on, which is why it does not work when Emsisoft Anti-Malware is installed.

    To bypass this, you can open Emsisoft Anti-Malware, click on Settings in the menu at the top, and disable the Windows Security Center integration so that Windows doesn't realize that Emsisoft Anti-Malware is installed. Please note that doing this is not recommended, as we do not test running Emsisoft Anti-Malware alongside Windows Defender on Windows 10, and since Microsoft has Windows disable Windows Defender automatically on Windows 10 when another Anti-Virus installed it is best to assume that they do not want people to run Windows Defender alongside other Anti-Virus software on Windows 10. If you do disable the Windows Security Center integration, then note that your computer may have performance problems, and may even freeze/hang.

    Download Image


    Is there any security issues with disabling it or only performance issues?

    And when should one activate memory usage optimization?


  7. Hi.

    This is my first post here and I hope this is the right place for it.

    I'm not able to turn Controlled Folder Access on in windows settings,its greyed out.I have win 10 pro.I updated to the latest version yesterday-dont know why it wasnt already?!-and noticed it was greyed out!

    After looking around the interweb I saw several pointing out that it could have something to do with 3rd party AV/AM.

    Thanks in advance for any help.



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