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  1. Hi Frank, Thanks for the reply. I had emailed support and spoke to David, who was very helpful. I had tried the steps of deleting the certificates and installing overtop previously, but at his advice, I did it again and when I did, it said there was a new version (as of Nov 21) and once that update was installed it worked perfectly.
  2. This is a new installation of the EEC on our server (2012 R2) and I just started out with 2 computers to test, but no matter what I do, the deployment never gets past the last step. The deployment installs Emsisoft on the client, and it says on the client that "this computer is currently connected with and managed by EEC" Server [Server-name]:8082 - Disconnected This seems to be the part that I continuously get stuck on. I have tried many iterations of uninstalling the client, re-running the prepare scripts (both with and and without UAC) and also just clicking "solve" next to the "Not managed" on the console itself and it always gets stuck on: [17/17] WaitAntimalwareConnected Waiting for Emsisoft Anti-Malware communication connection for computer '[ domain ]\LAB-WK247' After a few minutes it will time out, giving me: HostJob[8] failed with the following message: HostJob[8]: Time out error. Communication service was not started for computer 'LAB-WK247' (System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[A2Enterprise.Entities.Errors.ServerError]) at A2Enterprise.Server.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.ExecuteOperationSteps(List`1 steps) at A2Enterprise.Server.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.<>c__DisplayClass17_0.<Run>b__0() at A2Enterprise.Impersonation.Impersonator.Execute[TError](Action action, Entity entity, Func`2 errorBuilder, Identification[] identifications) at A2Enterprise.Server.Tasks.HostJobExecutor.Run(Object state) If I install the client manually, I am still unable to manually connect it to the console - that is to say it allows me to do it, but it just goes right to 'disconnected' Something similar happened at another client's site recently, but it was less than 10 computers, so I just went ahead and installed it all manually. So this may be something that I'm doing wrong in the setup or.. I'm not sure what else it could be. The clients I've tested it on are both W7, up to date, no other AV. Tried with FW off and on. The service does appear to be running on the clients. On the server, I have verified that the ports are open in the firewall. On the client, right after connecting the console manually, I see that there is indeed a connection from a 6xxxx port on to 31201 on the server