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  1. I did R&D in the Engineering Lab while working for A.O. Smith's WPC in El Paso. During two of the summers, I suffered three heat exhaustions and one heat stroke. All of that reset my body's natural temp where I cannot handle temperatures over 85 to 90-something very long. Even in cooler temps, I'm barefoot, wearing shorts and t-shirt, and still sweating. So where my computer desk is at, I have a eight inch blowing on me. The fan also hits the back and side of the CPU. That said, I may have solved the power outage. It has at made any sense to me that the whole system would fail like that while I was just on Facebook. Since then, I have had multiple programs running in the background while putting the system to work doing other thing. If the system was going fail again, it would be under a hard work load like it has been under the last three days. So last night I moved my chair back away from the desk and studied what could have happen. I couldn't see it until I looked away thinking about something else and then looked back. The problem was right there where I move my feet around while working... the power strip. It's laying sideways with the On/Off switch facing me. I believe my foot must have hit the switch hard enough to momentarily turn off the power but not flip the switch. It's the only thing that makes any sense to me.
  2. On my cellphone right now but I'll check later tonight. It's been running all day with no problems while I've been working.
  3. Not working... I haven't been able to call. The Furbabies have found that the new fence was put together with staples and it's starting to fall apart. I have some Drywall screws but that only held thing together long enough for the box of 3500 screws to get here. It's been lots of fun. The only email that's been coming in is on my gmail account.
  4. Okay, brain fart on my part... forgot to include that I ran the Emsisoft once the system was running again. But before running the program, I opened it and deleted all the scan logs and everything back there. Cleaned it out like it had never run of the system before. I then made sure it was updated and then did a full system scan. Everyday since then, the program has been posting these two warnings but it does nothing... 11/18/2017 12:42:26 PM Behavior Blocker detected suspicious behavior "CodeInjector" of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealDownloader\realdownloader264.exe" 11/18/2017 12:42:26 PM Allowed by rule ...and... 11/18/2017 1:37:25 AM Behavior Blocker detected suspicious behavior "TrojanDownloader" of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Real\RealDownloader\videodl.exe" 11/18/2017 1:37:25 AM Allowed by rule Here's the log file.... logs.db3
  5. I did in my email reply but there's no reason those files cannot be posted here. I also added a screenshot.... Addition.txt EEK Scan_171117-174038.txt FRST.txt
  6. Okay, done.... When I first logged back into the site to 'validate your account and get started'... the site said I had no anti-virus protection.
  7. I was hacked! They got the info for my bank's debit card ($2000), my Discover Card ($200), my WalMart Mastercard ($0), and my PayPal ($700). The bank is not working with me so the $2K is gone. Discover and PayPal are helping but in the end I'm not sure how much that's going to cost me. The hackers tried to get into my email but Roadrunner saw it was coming from outside Texas and locked my email account. I contacted Roadrunner and the tech support found a long list of outside IP addresses and then found a Torpig. He then started a list inside my Notebook program of what we needed to do to get the system clean and to get my email going again. Everything was fine until he started listing the cost of the software he wanted me to buy... $300, $400, and $500-bucks for each the different packages. My bank account was in the minus $200-bucks and all my cards have been reported as Lost/Stolen so I had nothing. After telling the tech that I didn't have it, he had the gall to say he didn't believe me! He refused to help any further and said to call back when I had the money and then disconnected the chat window. At this point, I felt it was only going to get fixed if I did the work myself and I hit the Google search. There I found a number of softwares that promised the moon and yes, they did find a-lot of crap on my system. But then the other shoe dropped and they want $50 to $75-bucks to unlock and register the product; something that's in very short supply right now. So I turned to the Freeware listed... everything went from crap to clusterfu*k! My system slowed to the speed of an old 286-systems and some programs wouldn't even run. The freeware programs were not even listed to uninstall so a system restore was the only way. I went back far enough in time that it was before the system was hacked but I wasn't thinking; the damage is in the registry and the restore wouldn't touch it. Next, I changed every single password I could think of. Then I double checked and found the MS Firewall was down which didn't help matters. I used the MS Defender and Network Safety Check and plug what holes they could find. Since my Roadrunner email is still locked, I have been using my Gmail account. So I have the system cleaned-out the best I can and all the software and programs are updated. Pretty sure the Torpig is still there and the outside IP's are still open. Short of buy some high dollar software, which I cannot do at this point, I am at the end of what I think I can do. I found an eight page 'how to' fix but it has a long list of the files throughout the system that it says need to be deleted and then driving into the registry to change and delete items in there. Can I do that? Yes. But I just got the system fixed from the last 'how to' freeware crap so I'm a-little gunshy right now. That's when I remember this forum and how you helped me fix my Mom's system when she got hit. So here I am. I have WiFi router to replace for the security system and a few other small items to take care on the other two system but I'm here. I'll turn the sound way up so I can hear notification sounds. Thanks, David
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