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  1. Update.....Had the OP run EEK and it did not find the file C:\Users\OWNER\AppData\Local\exibrgo But I am adding it to my toolbox. Thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am a malware fighter on MajorGeeks. I had the OP run Farbar but she got a "not recognized message". https://forums.majorgeeks.com/threads/strange-processes-slowing-me-down.317507/ OTL finds the malware, but when a fix is run, it reports the items are not found. TDSSKiller found a couple of virus files, but not the two in question. So she keeps getting a "Syntax error in line 1, Unknown command" in Blitz. I would appreciate any help you can provide.
  3. I am having a problem removing two files. I keep getting a syntax error. Is there something wrong with this script: DeleteFile: ReplaceWithDummy C:\Users\OWNER\AppData\Local\zadtgpv C:\Users\OWNER\AppData\Local\exibrgo
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