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  1. Windows didn't shut down, it was as if someone pulled the plug or the power was shut off. Checked but no DMP file and I even did a system search. It's been two full days of running the system with no problems. Not sure what to think now.... David
  2. I just don't know.... I've run the system all day and into the early morning hours with no more problems. Not sure what the shutdown was all about. Thanks for the help, David
  3. Okay, a new possible problem. While going over the system to see what's what and while checking my Facebook, the whole computer system shut-down. Now, I do not mean to slowly closed but rather died like the power went out. That's not what happen because the TV and ceiling fan were still on but the computer went black in a flash. I sat there a second wondering what just happen and then turned on the power button. The error screen for an improper shut-down came up and I told to to start normally. It's been on all day and no problems have been seen while I'm in here working. I have no clue if this is because be part of the Torpig problem(s). David
  4. Okay, This is the end text file for that one.... DelFix.txt
  5. Here's hoping.... I have the older version of TweakNow which I plan to remove after comparing it to the version you sent. Thanks for help! David
  6. Kevin, I want to say 'yes' but cannot remember the DOD commands to check for the BOT files or the one that will list the ISPs that are viewing my system. The Windows System check says everything is good and secure but that does really mean anything. It said that before you had me run those small programs. So I'm not sure how to answer your question.... David
  7. Bit of a delay here... family and fiends. Installed the software and ran it as you asked. The numbers were a-little different but I just click the matching text. Here's the files from the log folder... _Windows_Repair_Log.txt Remove_Temp_Files.txt Repair_Network.txt Repair_Volume_Shadow_Copy_Service.txt Repair_Windows_Firewall.txt Repair_WMI.txt
  8. Okay Kevin, Pushed the software all the way though the install and did two scans. After the first, I did a reboot before starting the second, saving the logs after each scan. Outlook is still not working and it looks like a call to Spectrum is the only cure for that problem. That will not happen today because as soon as I'm done posting this, I'm out of the house. Because it takes so long, I leave the Emsisoft running a full system scan again. Thanks, David rk_3CE3.tmp.txt rk_90DA.tmp.txt
  9. Okay, done but to finish the install to wants the Licence ID and Key.... no fund right now. Remember , I was hacked and everything was stolen.
  10. ???So is that it? I cannot even login to the Emsisoft web site because it says my account is not valid. Did I get banned? I still have a system with Torpig and no email. To login here I had to use the Facebook link. Ran the EEK and log file is below. The FRST fails to run with a "Fail to update (5)" error. All the log files for the FRST are included as well. I also found that the old Windows LiveMail is working and can connect to the Roadrunner account. There's something like 1000 emails in there but I didn't stop to look. I just closed the program. Last night after the scans, I rebooted and did a full system scan. Here's the log for that as well... David EEK_scan_171122-152854.txt FRST.txt Addition_17-11-2017 18.02.34.txt Fixlog_20-11-2017 22.23.59.txt FRST_17-11-2017 18.02.34.txt scan_171120-224013.txt