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  1. Thank you for your response Fabian. Yes, I was hoping to get an official answer right from the start. I didn't want to try running OA++ and MBAM concurrently because I thought that two anti-malware engines running at the same time would butt heads and bring my system to its knees. But, based on what you've said, I'll give it a try and see how it goes. And I'll make sure that MBAM is trusted by OA, as you've suggested. But before I proceed, there is one other issue that I need to resolve before I begin any experiments. I am having intermittent system performance problems that began after I installed OA++. This, however, belongs in its own discussion, so I'll start another new thread to address it. All the best, Theodore
  2. That's good information, Lynx, I was not aware of that. Actually, I'm very new to OA and have much to learn about it. Thanks again, Lynx and Stapp, your help is much appreciated. Also, Lynx, I see you're in Australia. I hope you're high and dry, my friend. It's absolutely mind-boggling what Queensland has endured these past few months. I've been through 2 hurricanes while living in Houston, Texas, USA - and they're devastating. But neither one was an extreme category 5 like you had... and that on the heels of some of the worst flooding I've ever seen. God bless you. All the best, Theodore
  3. Thank you to Lynx and Stapp for replying to my question. I would have replied to you sooner, but I was sleeping while you were replying. It appears that I posted this question on the wrong forum. Please excuse the misunderstanding, I wasn't really sure where to post. Also, I didn't really state that I was running Emsisoft Anti-malware, but thought that I was implying it by stating that I was running OA++ with all features active. Sorry for the misunderstanding. (That's two misunderstandings and its only my first post!) So it appears that I made the right move by disabling MBAM when I installed OA++. As much as I'd rather have both running simultaneously, I'll leave it the way it is. Or... I guess I should say that I really don't want both running simultaneously, as that would probably give me much grief. Again, thank you for the help. All the best, Theodore
  4. I recently purchased Online Armor ++ (Ver. and installed it on my system. System spec's: Dell Laptop with a Pentium Centrino 2GHz and 2GB RAM running Windows XP Media Edition SP3. I also had Malwarebytes PRO (full paid version) on my system. When I installed OA++, I disabled MBAM so that the two anti-malware engines didn't conflict. I run OA++ with all features active at all times and I simply run a manual scan with MBAM every now and then. My question is this: Will OA++ run (with both the Anti-virus and Anti-malware features active) concurrently with MBAM running active without any conflicts? I'd like to have the extra protection active all the time, but don't want to risk locking my system up in the process. Also, I'm kind of curious... does Emsisoft answer these forums or is this only users that are here to help? That leads me to another question: should I ask this question directly to Emsisoft? Thanks for your help! Theodore
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