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  1. Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for your knowledgeable assistance and patience. It was my pleasure to work with you as you made the experience quite easy with your simple to follow directions. Have a pleasant holiday season with family and friends and those your hold most dear. Take care and enjoy! David
  2. Hi Kevin, I really had to search to find the ActiveHealth,exe file and the Folder it was stored in. I believe I uploaded to the link your provided. Below are the results I believe. I just copied and p[asted in this post. Hopefully I did it right for you. https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e3aa0da2e74d226ae4a0b2395127b53f04eeb75ae70b9e9a19891c0d73523f48/detection No engines detected this file SHA-256 e3aa0da2e74d226ae4a0b2395127b53f04eeb75ae70b9e9a19891c0d73523f48 File name ActiveHealth.exe File size 194.04 KB Last analysis 2017-12-07 20:15:16 UTC
  3. Hi Kevin, Since it is flagging my printer files and you have determined that is a false positive ,I take it that my system is in the clear now. i.e. All malware has been removed from my system. Thank you for your assistance and know how. It has been very much appreciated. May you have a pleasant week ahead and a joyous time with family and friends over the coming seasonal holiday. Take care. Thanks again. David
  4. HI Kevin, I've found a couple of files which I have attached. Hopefully they are of value in assisting me to resolve my issue. In addition, please notify me when you think all the issues have been resolved, as I would appreciate knowing then the original issue is no longer present or a concern. Thanks, David BB_171205-191202.txt Forensics_171205-191623.txt Forensics_171205-191640.txt Forensics_171205-191658.txt Forensics_171205-191710.txt scan_171204-142020.txt
  5. Thank you Kevin for your speedy reply and suggested steps to carry out a beginning to fix some of my system issues. I have a fixlog and have attached it below.. As to providing the original detection report, I'll need some assistance in knowing where to begin to locate and identify it. The Message that I quoted in the last post was from a popup window from Emsisoft on the right side of my display screen which I kept open and retyped the message onto Notepas and then saved before closing the popup window. Fixlog.txt
  6. This is the information emsisoft displayed to me, " Windows kernel files have been detected as infected. C:\Windows\explorer.exe As these files are essential for Windows to work, you can't delete or quarantine them now. The removal experts on Emsisoft Forum will help you to safely remove this detection for free. http://support/emsisoft.com . Below find attached the required Log files as directed to find a solution. scan_171204-142020.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
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