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  1. Hi Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, as mentioned in my 3rd response above to GT500, I had already done just that. VirusTotal is really great! Kind regards.
  2. Hi there I'm not an expert at this and so may need some additional help to implement your suggestion, which is much more complicated than I had hoped. Is that the correct structure of the command, assuming the download manager is at that location? I have included screenshot with powershell. (Command prompt is hidden in latest Falls Update of Win 10). Does it matter if one uses powershell or it has to be command prompt? Am I to assume I go to settings of the DM as shown above, select a2cmd.exe and then implement the command in powershell OR command prompt or the other way round? Also ... I assume after doing this, that the command applies to ALL downloads after this & I do not have to go to powershell/command prompt again unless I re-install the download manager ... ? Thank you in advance
  3. Hi there I want a download manager to get files scanned, but I'm not sure which of the "apps" in the Emsisoft Anti-Malware folder to select. Please see attached image. Thank you in advance
  4. Hi there Thank you for the comprehensive clarification. Actually after the first responder explained that EAM is " a complete standalone virus and malware protection program ", it was clear Avast had to first be uninstalled, which I did as I was also under time pressure to install on 7th Dec. for which the 1 year giveaway license is valid. What I did not remove is the free version of Malwarebytes, with lots of functions disabled, but was in the past very helpful & has always peacefully co-existed with McAfee & then later Avast. A question I have is ... does it also scan mail, such as in Thunderbird? That's one of the reasons I valued Avast free & McAfee. I know some, at least free versions of AVG & I think Panda antivirus do not. I assume this being a complete version, that it does ... I'm very much dependent on Thunderbird & appreciate such a function. My short experience with EAM is so far good. Yesterday, it blocked some Chrome plugin for Ant Download Manager falsely I assumed for suspicious behavior & identifying it as a trojan & something else, although the other software above hadn't [Kerish Doctor & ZoneAlarm antimalware free, previously, in addition] and immediate scans at www.virustotal.com [this & this] after getting this EAM alert, all negative. I've also been several times in touch with the programmer for unrelated reasons & alerted him about the EAM alert. After initially quarantining it, I later decided to undo this. In the subsequent dialog, I mentioned the experience with the above mentioned software & also included the virustotal.com scan results URLs. Not too long after, I got an alert from EAM that it could have mistakenly wrongly classified one of my programs & offered to reverse this & restore it, to which I agreed. I also go an email, hours later from EAM personnel on this. I'm quite impressed by the very rapid reaction. Thank you & regards
  5. Hi there I have just got Emsisoft Anti-Malware full version from a Chip PC/Internet magazine (German), offered to visitors of their site today. I currently have Avast free antivirus, which has always done a good job. On top of this, I have the free version of Malwarebytes, but which as much as I know a couple of functions I see in the offered "Vollversion - Emsisoft Anti-Malware" disabled, although also the free version has always reliably helped protect the PC by blocking some dangerous stuff. I have never had any issue with the 2. I suppose that means I can replace Malwarebytes, unless it's OK to have both anti-malware programs, ... or not?? What I'm not sure about is Avast. Is Emisoft Anti-Malware equivalent to Avast free and can fully replace it or it has a different emphasis and can be used to supplement Avast? I know 2, at least fully fledged antivirus programs should not be installed. I would appreciate a quick response as the offered Emisoft Anti-Malware must be activated TODAY, 7th Dec. Thank you in advance.
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