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  1. Thanks for the workaround / interim solution. Yes, it's a nice option, but I still hope your QA team will find a solution to the problem I posted above. Again, thank you very much for your top-notch support - it's really great!
  2. OK, Thomas, da kann man wohl nichts machen. Trotzdem vielen Dank für Deine Bemühungen. Ich wünsche auch Dir eine schöne und hoffentlich stressfreie Weihnachtszeit.
  3. The icon itself is OK, I think, but it looks a bit small if compared to the other icons in my system tray.
  4. No, not yet. Don't know either. I have been using EAM for only two weeks. It's not the number of apps that's important here. It's got something to do with the different layers of security. If two apps cover most security-related areas (exploits, ransomware etc.), then running two security products should be sufficient. For average users like me, running EAM is probably sufficient. Unless you are a "power user", Emsisoft should be all you need.
  5. Thanks for your reply, @digmor crusher. I'm currently using EAM and VS. I'm still playing with this combo a bit, and I do think this might be the security setup I have been looking for. No problems so far.
  6. A layered approach is what I have always preferred. I did try running MB Premium and EAM together but this combo slowed things down a bit. I reinstalled Voodooshield today to give it a second try. I'm always a bit impatient when it comes to trialling new (security) software. VS has been running smoothly since I installed it a couple of hours ago. Maybe I will just stick with EAM and VS, which seems to be quite a good layered approach to security.
  7. I also think layered protection is a good concept, rather than relying on just one security solution. However, I haven't found a decent app yet that I like and that is compatible with EAM. I tried Voodooshield last night, but I uninstalled it today because it blocked too many perfectly legit programs that I use. Any suggestions for a good and easy-to-use security app (free or paid) that can be used as an additional layer of protection?
  8. OK, makes perfect sense to me. Thanks, @GT500.
  9. OK, thank you. Should you need further information, please tell me.
  10. Logs, screenshot and description of the issue sent via e-mail one minute ago. Again, thank you very much for your help, @GT500.
  11. Does this procedure also apply to trial licences? I have a trial licence that will expire later this month. If I buy a one-year licence today, will the remaining days of my licence added to my new one-year licence or will I lose the remaining days of my trial licence?
  12. Meine Einstellungen stimmen mit denen von Icewolf überein. Allerdings steht der Dateiwächter bei mir auf "Gründlich".
  13. Vielen Dank, Thomas, und weihnachtliche Grüße nach Österreich.
  14. Thanks, @GT500. I will send you the logs tonight when I'm back home.
  15. Thanks for your reply, Peter. I have a lifetime licence for Malwarebytes, but if it doesn't add any protection at all, why keep it? So it would be a good idea to uninstall it, wouldn't it? Is additional security software such as Voodooshield, Zemana Anti-Logger or an anti-exploit app needed or is Emsisoft all I need to stay protected? I'm asking because it feels kind of "naked" to be with just one anti-malware app.
  16. To sum it up, I do not consider these notifications a major bug or something, it's just a bit annoying, but it would be great if it were possible to disable such notifications for certain hardware components, such as printers and similar devices.
  17. Didn't know my printer had a card reader. Well, I have never felt the need for one. Anyway, I disabled the notification feature for external storage devices, but I'm surprised that EAM has so far been the only AV that triggers an alert when I turn on my printer. Other AV solutions only trigger an alert when I connect a real external storage device to my computer.
  18. Thanks for your reply. I installed Malwarebytes last night - no problems so far.
  19. No, it doesn't. Other AV vendors don't treat my printer as "external storage device", so I'm surprised that EAM thinks my printer is some kind of an external drive or something. Strange. Anyway, I disabled notifications for external storage devices due to this Emsisoft bug. Still don't know if I should buy a one-year licence. Well, another twenty days to think about it before my trial period is over. But there are also things I do like about Emsisoft: top-notch support for a light-weight anti-malware solution.
  20. Well, yes, it is a simple solution but it's not exactly what I want. Maybe I will give it a try if I decide to buy a one-year licence when my trial period is over. I just don't want to spend 40 euros on an app I'm not entirely satisfied with. Let's wait and see ... ...
  21. Thanks for your reply. Maybe I will give it a try, but there is a certain "overlap", isn't there? PS: Maybe I should rephrase my question. Even if EAM and MBAM (both running in real-time) are (more or less??) compatible with each other, is it recommended/needed to run MBAM real-time alongside EAM real-time? Would MBAM real-time protection be another useful layer of protection worth adding to EAM real-time protection?
  22. Does this mean EAM and MBAM are NOT compatible if run in real-time mode?
  23. The AV solutions I have used before could tell the difference, so it's very unfortunate that EAM is not able to do it. I'm aware of the fact that I can turn off these notifications but I want them to pop up whenever a USB flash drive is connected to my computer. Yes, I belong to these "many people" who want their flash drives to be scanned, but I don't want my printer to be scanned by EAM. There does not seem to be a solution to my problem due to the inablility of EAM to tell the difference between USB connections. Hm... maybe I should just go back to my old AV. Anyway, thanks for your help.
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