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  1. Thank you, I think this is a fundamental requirement that the Console is missing. The above is incorrect, unless this functionality is shortly to be removed. With the EAM client (via Application rules, Behaviour Blocker and possibly File Guard) I can override the settings (allow or block) any application at the computer level, regardless of its 'reputation'. However it does not appear to be possible to do this Globally, via the Console. It would not be practical to uninstall an application from 1000 remote devices, especially if the devices are not part of a Domain.
  2. Ok thank you. That is a shame, and surprising. I personally would consider anything from IOBIT to be Malware or at the very least a Potentially unwanted application. As the MSP, the ultimate decision really needs to be be mine. I would consider global overrides (allow & block) to be a fundamental requirement. Unfortunately, manually exporting application rules would be a non-starter. I do not really see a distinction between applications and malware. I just view them as good or bad applications. Is there somewhere where features can be requested?
  3. Hello, Currently, the EAM client rates C:\Program Files (x86)\IObit\LiveUpdate\LiveUpdate.exe as Good. However this is something I prefer to Block. If I had 1000 remote devices, how would I go about Blocking the above for every device?
  4. Hello, If I understand correctly, Exclusions are for specifying files or folders to exclude from scanning or real time monitoring. This does not appear to provide 'allow/block applications' at the group level via the console. Regards
  5. Hello, I cannot work out how to allow/block applications, group wide, from the console. I can see how to do this from the EMA client end, but with 100+ devices to manage, I really need to do this centrally. Regards