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  1. Sorry for not being reactive enough but I am not at all comfortable with this kind of things. I think I found what I downloaded and that I shouldn't have opened. in the description of the file, when you place the cursor on the name, it is actually written "nonextermination setup",though it is an .epub extension. I have attached the file. Marie PS: uploading this, the exe extension appears. Bridging_The_Communication_Gap.epub.exe
  2. Good morning, Could you reopen my thread with "Can't get rid of" as a title, please? It was closed too soon. I straight away downloaded and run the google Chrome clean up tool. it is still there. I reported the issue to google too, no reply. Some of my saved passwords have disappeared, my 2 inboxes, amazon... Marie
  3. Hello, No, Adwcleaner doesn't detect anything, system is clean and there is no restart required. It's still there though : Below is what I see in Settings section : The 3 dots should allow me to edit or remove the search bar, but you can't click on it. And you can't set the other search tools as default browsers either. A reset didn't work either. Here is the "chrome" home page, with links of websites that I don't use, and in English though I am French and in France. Then, the browser takes me to a browser, populated with ads everywhere which are usually blocked by Adblock. Thanks for trying. Any other idea? Have I been the only one with this? Marie
  4. Happy New Year, And yes, I still have the issue, modifying Chrome, Youtube, gmail asked me to reset my password, as well as Skype, I am freaking out. The zip file was supposed to be a book, epub. I am not even sure it comes from this ZIP, to be honest, but it is the only thing in my download file that is suspicious and it fits, time-wise. Please find the file attached, I hope it will help. Looking forward to you reply. Marie
  5. I recently tried to download books and I have a ZIP.file that could contain the stuff. Is there a way someone could safely have a look at it and what it is? Marie
  6. Hello, I am afraid it is still there. Please find 2 Roguekiller logs: - Log 2 is the one after deleting the 2 files upon your advice. - As it was still there, I rerun Roguekiller, log 3. I am getting really worried. Marie Rogue killer scan log 3.txt Rogue killer scan log 2.txt
  7. Hi Kevin, It seems that Roguekiller has found something. Thanks for that. See attached the log. Shall I go ahead and erase what it has found? Marie Rogue killer scan log.txt
  8. Hi, I have run your tool a few times but can't get rid of this. Attached are the scan reports. I hope you can help. Marie Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_171228-225333.txt