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  1. I have a separate key on a laptop, but I buy them together. I'll try reactivating it. Yes, I contacted the support as well.
  2. And the error is back again. Could it have anything to do with the time? It's the same timing as yesterday.
  3. I did the diagnostic, however today EAM seems to be working just fine. Auto-update finished with no key issues. EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  4. I'm in Europe. The last time something changed about my internet was almost a year ago.
  5. No, it's been mine since day one.
  6. Yes. Log says: "Failed with error: "Server returned error" (0 sec.) It pops out this window. (I deleted my key from the image)
  7. Hello everyone! About an hour ago, my EAM popped up a new window, saying that my key remapping has all been used up for today. It seems to have been activated by the software attempting to auto-update each hour. Any idea why this might be happening? I have 60 days left on my key, and haven't given it out to anyone. My OS is Win 7, 64, service pack 1.