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  1. Hello and thank you for your time, i downloaded EEK and started a scan right after the installation.When it reached some point on \Drivers it crashed ,the message said something made it crash and had to close second and third scan showed nothing. My OS is Win10 also Malwarebytes show nothing only the first time found 1 threat which was removed but i'm sure by the behavior of my computer that something is using it .... For real as i was writing this, Windows Defender stopped working and i got a notification which said tap here to enable but when clicked nothing happened, i went to search and tried to access windows defender options from there but when i clicked that the window opened without displaying anything then closed on it's own all three times i tried to access windows defender.I guess EEK almost located it and identified it but then it started to take actions, and now i can't open anything from start bar since EEK crashed something is taking action on my comptuter.