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  1. Yes I know it, but how decryptor know headers format? have own database of headers?
  2. I also have this idea, but it seems too many files, 150 files from 700 are not decryptable. How amnesia decrypter know which header belongs to decrypting file to compare with?
  3. From few kbytes to 2gb, I think so it's not depend on size. I've analyse this and result is that probably 13% of encrypted files couldn't be decrypted.
  4. Ah so, I understand. But there are also binary files thats couldn't be decrypted, some avi, mp4, jpg files for example. It's mean that decrypter could recognize type of file? from where it know this type, have header database or from file extension?
  5. Hello, Thanks for amnesia decrypter, but I was affected by some version of amnesia ransomware where it not works correctly. Some files was decrypted fine, but some spend much more time to decrypting and finish with no key found error. Output from Amnesia2 This ransomware is decryptable! Identified by custom_rule: Encrypted size marker [0x00 - 0x08] 0x1E00000000000000 Click here for more information about Amnesia2 Note and sample encrypted file which I cant decrypt in attachment. HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT readme.txt.amnesia