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  1. Job done, all seems fine. Thank you for your guidance, I have subscribed to Emsisoft.
  2. I have already done that and the malware has been removed. Many thanks for your help. Should I install RogueKiller as well as Emsissoft? Or do they both do the same job?
  3. Another load of nasties. RogueKiller V12.12.2.0 (x64) [Jan 29 2018] (Free) by Adlice Software.html reportToEmsisoft1.tmp.txt
  4. The BBC site is now unavailable again. the https bit is crossed out and the browser reports the site as unsafe "Your connection is not private..." the same happens on netflix/browse.
  5. Just the same last evening. When I tried just now, all is tickety-boo, many thanks. It's time to sign up with Emsisoft methinks. Do I disable the Windows derfender?
  6. The new scan is attached, I haven't run "fix" yet. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. 'tis done. The AdwCleaner file is attached. AdwCleaner[C5].txt
  8. I look forward to hearing from you again with further instructions.
  9. Thank you very much for your help. I've attached the file Fixlog.txt. Would your anti-malware have been able to stop this attack or would I still need to contact you? Brendan Keeley Fixlog.txt
  10. When I try to browse Netflix or the BBC, Google Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge hang or redirect me to "Help with Malware" sites or a firm called Reimage. I've asked Netflix for advice but they were as good as useless. I would appreciate some guidance please. Addition.txt FRST.txt scan_180124-065626.txt