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  1. GT500 you didn't understand why i'am asking for the files. I don't need the files to use them, i know that the decrypter only works on the computer where the paired keys where generated. I need the files do analyze them , for patterns ... not to use them LOL as i told before i'am malware analyst.
  2. Hello I'am a malware analyst could you please share your file on a mega.nz link please ? I can't download the atachments on the post I got last week a new variant of Globimposter the crooks send us the decryptor but some files failed to decrypt with same error . sample..docx HMAC check failed: wrong key, or file corrupted. Some files i got them decrypted some not . Asked crooks for new decryptor and no more response. i share the decryptor with you guys in atachment. Hope someone could send me the files dec.exe and dec1.exe would be nice please.
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