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  1. my EAM Quarantine is clean now. I hope that will solve the issue so I won't have to bother you again. thank you very much mr.Wilkinson!
  2. yes I have real-time protection ON in MBAM. Zemana - I don't remember using anything from them recently, except for some short trial maybe, in the past. thank you
  3. here are the FRST results Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. hello again, after another high-RAM-situation I opened ProcessHacker and took a .dmp file of 'a2service.exe'. I 7zipped it and sent it to [email protected] using wesendit.com. let's see...
  5. thank you Arthur nothing has happened since my last post but if it does I will follow your guide. have a nice day!
  6. thank you Jeremy! I've used ProcessHacker before and I'm aware of its functionality. I re-installed it in case EAM misbehaves again.
  7. I've been using EAM together with Firefox for a long time - it's the first time I noticed some possible interference.
  8. No, I don't have scheduled scans configured in my system. the problem has come a couple of times these last days, and in more than one case the high RAM warning appeared together with Firefox browser being totally unresponsive. at that point the task manager clearly blamed Emsisoft for high memory usage while Firefox appeared innocent... anyway,thank you for answering
  9. @JeremyNicoll, I'm using Win7-64bit / 8GB RAM and I got the 4GB figure from two different Task Managers. 10 minutes before writing this the windows task manager showed 4.8GB - The regular workload is 150-300Mb.
  10. I'm using the title of the thread to write about my first-time problem with emsisoft protection service (a2service.exe) halting my system for prolonged periods during the day by steadily occupying 4GB of RAM! I've been using emsisoft for years and I never saw such a high number of memory usage before. when it happens the PC is either idle or used for standard tasks, internet is on, protection is active. any ideas? thank you
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