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  1. @GT500 and @JeremyNicoll . A complete re install of my windows solved the problem entirely. Thanks for your support.👍💪 Quick support is the biggest strength of emsisoft.
  2. Thank you @JeremyNicoll. I have started using anti spam filters provided by mozilla thunderbird. Its quite effective. 👍
  3. Hi, 😊 Iam an E.A.M user and i recently started using microsoft outlook to handle my emails, i don't know how to prevent the spams that are flooding to my inbox. E.A.M doesn't seem to have an anti-spam module. Kindly suggest a way to handle spam messages while using an email client like M.S Outlook and Thunderbird. And is there an option to check which version of E.A.M is running on my pc ? Please let me know. Regards, Govind.
  4. Dear Emsisoft, I am running the paid version of emsisoft A.M, every thing was fine until today morning. When i made a restart, during the boot the the system crashes with a blue screen error. I could not even use the safe mode and last known good configuration as the bsod happens repeatedly when ever i use these options. The problem is that i have many files created in my new C: drive. For your kind info, i am running only one a.v solution which is E.A.M, i don't even use an on demand scanner.And i did not install any new software or hardware recently Kindly let me know what could be done
  5. As per your instruction i have attached the log file. EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  6. Please check my log attached. FRST.txt
  7. Emsisoft A.M is the only thing that is installed. Ive even removed zemana which was a secondary scanner running. But Kaspersky secure connection is not an app related to malware protection. Its just a free vpn software. I hope E.A.M don't blocks non - a.v softwares.
  8. Thank you so much for the reply. And today i had another issue. Please check the attached screenshot. And one of my fav program Kaspersky secure connection does not starts, even after repeated attempts. Please let me know how to resolve these issues.
  9. After removing zemana antimalware free version , the problem got solved. The audio is working perfectly well. I would like to know something more about E.A.M 1.I have used Bitdefender products and found them to be heavy and slowing down everything from browsing to launching programs, but how com with dual engines (b.d and emsisoft) the e.a.m feels so light? 2.Does e.a.m uses only the signatures of the bit defender or the behaviour blocking technologies like Advanced threat control ? 3.What is Antimalware network ? is it connected to the bitdefender cloud for instant respon
  10. Yes, i tried uninstalling Emsisoft A.M and the sound is back. Details: Windows 7 64 bit Realtek Audio Drivers No error messages, just the volume is not heard when E.A.M is running.
  11. Dear Emsisoft, As soon as i installed Emsisoft Antimalware, the audio drivers stopped working. Please let me know how to restore it to working. Thank you.
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