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  1. Seems, that I finally got it managed -). The way seems a bit weird, but at least I got it. Went to the addons page and searched for the plugin. There it says "Install Firefox" and I clicked that. That next page said, "You are using the latest version". There is also a button "cleanup firefox". I did, and lost all settings, add-ons and so on. After closing and re-opening the browser, it looked like a "virgin" one -). Went to the addons page and....a miracle...now It was possible to install the emsisoft plugin and all others (again). Thanks to anyone who tried to help.
  2. And I tried to install another addon, just to see if it works. And it did work...
  3. Good question -). I'm using 5 extensions, but nothing to spoof. Deactivated them all without any effect...
  4. Hi, I would like to use the new browser extension on my Firefox Quantum 64.0 (64 bit). But the addon center notes " Please install Firefox"... Did I do anything wrong? Regards Thomas
  5. Hi Frank, I added the file \\\D$\Daten\albiswin\albisCS.exe to the list "Exclude from monitoring". Will check the effects tomorrow... Thanks so far Thomas
  6. We are using the Enterprise Console with a number of Client computers. On two computers the File guard and Behavior Blocker are trying to quarantine a "know to be good" exe while trying to start that application. Is there any way to add that file to a policy, so that it will no longer be quarantined ?. The clients are using a RDP Connection and try to start that application on the terminal server. All other clients do not try to quarantine that exe. Regards Thomas Schoessow
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