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  1. Hi David, When opening EMS to try out this solution, it seems the app has corrected itself. I no longer see the subscription expired screen and full access has been restored. Thank you for being willing to help! 😎
  2. Just noticed tonight that my Emsisoft app is claiming that my subscription is expired. Thing is, I purchased a 1-year mobile license back in May of this year (looking at the confirmation email right now). When I try to enter the code I was originally given (thinking maybe it just needed to be re-activated), the app says it is invalid since it has been used. I just updated a bunch of my apps, and perhaps Emsisoft Mobile Security was among them (I didn't pay attention, I just hit update all). So perhaps that is the issue. But as it stands now, my app is no longer fully functional despite me paying for the service and having an active license until may of 2020. Rebooted phone as well just in case, but app still comes up as non-functional requiring activation. I am currently on Android 10 with a Pixel 3a.
  3. Well, in my case that might be the problem then. I primarily use my XP machine simply because it's still super reliable, fast, convenient and is what I'm used to. I do remember Emsisoft cutting 'official' support for XP quite a while back, but luckily I was still getting updates with no issues (due to the program version I had). So I take it they have completely abandoned XP users now? What a shame. I understand cutting off support for software updates, but why stop the signature updates? That should be universal. I'm honestly getting a bit tired of software companies dictating what OS we use by denying program support like this. Every time I start Chrome in XP I am reminded of how they stopped support for XP while more and more websites annoyingly stop working correctly over time. Is Emsisoft going to start denying support for Windows 10 users when M$ releases their next OS this year or next? My guess is, yes, of course. Sheep will be sheep. Guess I'll have to finally make the switch to my Windows 10 PC, and lose a metric ton of convenient programs, features, browser add-ons, OS control and privacy as a result in order to "be more secure". Thanks Emsisoft. Boy, I can't wait until I get used to using Windows 10 only to have all software support discontinued when M$ starts following suite to Apple by releasing a new OS each year (and denying support for the previous OS in order to force people to upgrade). Yeah, gonna be great! Either way, while I am quite upset, but I do appreciate the reply with the information about the ultimate termination of XP support this weekend. Now if only Emsisoft could bring Online Armor support for Windows 10, that would be absolutely epic. Because there is really nothing like OA on Windows 10 now, closest I've found is Comodo, which is what I'll be using for HIPS/Firewall until something better comes along. But OA is still the absolute KING of HIPS/Firewalls IMO, and is one of the biggest reasons I haven't fully adopted using Windows 10 yet. Really stinks Emsisoft completely abandoned OA shortly after buying out Tall Emu, the program was hugely popular for a reason. All this "autopilot" garbage we have nowadays is just too simplistic and is only designed with the mainstream consumer in mind. I personally want fine-grain control over everything happening on my PC (but also be easy to configure/understand). OA gave this to me, flawlessly. And so far the only other company that seems to be aware of this is Comodo, which ironically where the ones that kinda started the hardcore HIPS/Firewall thing right before OA took off as a huge success back in the day. I'm glad they still offer a product that is supported in Windows 10 that does allow a user to have ultimate control with their PC, but I would much rather have something just like OA was. Likely never going to happen with Emsisoft, but either way, that is my feedback.
  4. Registered just to post that I am having the exact same problem. I noticed today that my Emsisoft anti-malware icon was greyed out. Opened the program and it says that it's been 2 days since the last update. And when I try to initialize an update it tries for a second or two (Initializing...), then just stops. No error message, no updating, nothing. Checking the logs for the updater, I see this as the error message: General Information: Update started: 2/17/2018 11:33:13 PM Update ended: 2/17/2018 11:33:14 PM Time elapsed: 0:00:01 No modules for downloading Detailed Information: 0 modules, 0 bytes Thinking perhaps it was on my end somehow, I tried messing with the firewall on my router, doing some port forwarding etc etc. But noting seems to have changed the problem. Doing google searches on this, it seems there have been instances in the past (some from several years ago) where lots of people had the same problem. My location is in the USA, California.
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