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  1. @GT500 Guess i spoke too soon. Something strange happened with the emsisoft updates. Today in the morning, after one of the updates, everything was fine including the notifications which come on the center right. Now after the recent update it has gone back to have scaling issues What happened if I may ask?
  2. I guess with the recent update this is all fixed now. Did you update and check @m0unds
  3. I am able to make the scaling work by tweaking all these things. However, the issue still persists with the notifications that come on the right hand side such as when the product is being updated etc.
  4. This is really getting a bit annoying. I uninstalled Emsisoft to give you guys some more time to fix this. I tried what you have told me to, it still does not work! Can you please help this? it is just annoying to use a piece of software when we cannot even read the instructions which are being displayed. Can you please now fix this after months ?
  5. Tried changing the scaling settings. Still doesn't work. I am overly frustrated now. It has been months but I am sure you would have a defense for that. So, all good :)
  6. I know and understand that. But you know it has been months since this has been like this. My license expires in 49 days and I would like to renew it but if I am unable to use the product properly, I would have to think otherwise. Everything worked perfectly before. Is it not possible to get this fixed ASAP please? Thank you.
  7. I am having exactly the same issues. Also have a 4K screen. I have already informed David from customer support regarding this. Do you have a time frame when this would be fixed as this has been going on for months now? Its been a very very long time since this has been like this, probably like 3 months.
  8. Hello Just wanted to let you know that I have a laptop with a 4K resolution and everything seemed to work fine with Emsisoft till this update. When Emsisoft gets updated and I get the notification that it has been on the right hand side of the screen, it is hardly readable. It is so small :( Can you please fix these issues? Thank you, Sid
  9. It works fine after installing the beta update. How long till i keep the feed on beta? thank you for your help. i appreciate it.
  10. @JeremyNicoll Thanks again for replying back. I am having issues with both options (direct disk access and NTFS alternate data streams). If direct disk is not an important option, perhaps it should be taken off the GUI. The scan gets stuck if both are selected at the same time or if either one is selected when scanning.
  11. @JeremyNicoll Let's just say that this isn't working for me and with the weekend in sight, i guess it will drag on till next week now The same issue has also been reported here: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/29355-bug-in-the-custom-scan-last-version-8555/
  12. @Fabian Wosar Hello Fabian, thank you for your response as well. Issue happens in the custom scan with both NTFS alternate data streams as well as the direct disk access option. Even if the direct disk access is unchecked, it still happens if the NTFS alternate data streams is checked. When can this be resolved? thank you.
  13. @JeremyNicoll Hi Jeremy, thank you for your response. are you facing the same issue? I am using the default scan options in Emsisoft. I hope Emsisoft can fix this soon
  14. Hello, Sorry for starting like this but I am very frustrated that every now and then new bugs keep popping up. Emsisoft was working perfectly two days back- ZERO issues but now after the recent update, there seems to be a new bug. The scan gets stuck at exactly 66%. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Emsisoft. I even tried reinstalling Windows but to no avail. In the past also, same things keep happening. New bugs keep coming up. What is the reason that the scan is getting stuck now? (it cannot be due to a file being corrupt as I have reinstalled windows). how can this be resolved? and if this is a bug, when will this be fixed? Thank you, Sid
  15. Hi all, The issue is resolved. Followed the instructions here: Cheers, Sid
  16. Hi all, I had to uninstall Emsisoft but now when I am trying to install it again, I get an error saying "error loading installation database 1/638" I have manually removed every single entry of Emsisoft as well that was there in the registry. Can someone please help me why I am getting this error and how to resolve this? Thank you Sid
  17. @Frank H I completely understand but can you at least tell us why this is happening without the bugs and fixes because last time I was led to believe that it is my mistake that this is happening since I had heimdal pro installed on the system.
  18. Hi Frank, Thank you for replying. Can you please tell me what the issue is? I would like to know the technical details.
  19. Thank you Jeremy. Just hope that someone can respond and help because these are now two separate instances.
  20. Last time, i got good support and was told it was due to conflict issues with Heimdal pro. Since then. I have uninstalled Heimdal and have a clean system with a fresh windows 10 installation. Emsisoft generally works fantastic but I kid you not, I received the exact same error today. The error came out of nowhere and it came when Emsisoft was getting updated. And after this error, when I click on Emsisoft, it just doesn't open. it is getting a bit annoying now. Can someone please help?
  21. Hello all, So, I am using EAM and I am satisfied with it till now. But, yesterday, all of a sudden, it started showing some errors. I raised a support request but have not heard back from them. So, I thought I will post it here. When I started the computer, I did not even open anything. Emsisoft started giving around 50 error windows (screenshot 1). Soon after it got updated. Then I restarted my laptop and was working on a few things and got another error (screenshot 2). I have sent the diagnostic file as well to Arthur from Emsisoft but no replies yet. Can someone here please help me?
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