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  1. Thank you for your help. I am wondering if my app has a problem, because there is no update button or mention of updating in the settings. Does Emsisoft Mobile Security just automatically download updates silently? because when I use it, I can't find anything about updates. Also, I am currently using the 30 day trial for the Mobile Security so I would like to check, is the trial version exactly the same as the version I will have if I purchase a license and activate the mobile app?
  2. Hi Thomas Ott, thanks for your reply. I had Bitdefender installed just for scanning but as soon as I uninstalled it, the Emsisoft app worked correctly. Is the Emsisoft app meant to run in the background? Because there is no notification of any background processes like there is with other apps such as VPN, password manager etc.
  3. Hi, I am a new customer who wants to try Emsisoft mobile security on my HTC U11. My phone is running Android 8.0.0. I installed the Emsisoft app to test it out, but when I open it I am unable to use it at all. Please see the screen shot attached. If I try to click anywhere in the app, the app crashes. The options "just once" and "always" are not able to be selected. I have tried reinstalling the app several times but still the same issue. Even if I manually enable the permissions for the app in the phone settings I still can't use it as explained earlier.
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