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  1. Hello, I have sent another file to ID Ransomware, it means it could be SCRABA to ?
  2. Thx, here the results: Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. Thx for answer, here the results : (...) This ransomware is still under analysis. Please refer to the appropriate topic for more information. Samples of encrypted files and suspicious files may be needed for continued investigation. Identified by custom_rule: Encrypted size marker [0x00 - 0x08] 0x048E000000000000 (...)
  4. Hello, please excuse my bad English. My computer was attacked by amnesia tonight. I've already tried with amnesia2 to clean the computer, the program scans all files but finds nothing and decrypted nothing. what can i do, can i send you two files, encrypted and a clean one? In the TXT-File of amnesia there is "contact us by mail: [email protected]" Thanks in advance for your help. greetings Mario