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  1. Thank you, I will try this later today. However, that file (fixlist.txt) gives me the same error as before ("This attachment is not available..."). Also, should I use the FRST file I sent you (edited by me), or, should I use the non-edited FRST file?
  2. @GT500 Do you know how I could remove the last bits? I'm not in rush, but I'd like to buy and re-install Emsisoft, to use it moving forward. So if you can figure out a soltuion that would be great.
  3. Thanks. Sorry I didn't realize you wanted the Addition file as well. Here are the Emsisoft lines: Here is the output from EppdiskCheck:
  4. Here you are. Edited for privacy because I do work on this computer. I tried uninstalling Emsis before I installed MalwareBytes and Avast. I had been using Bitdefender, but then I wanted to switch to the aforementioned combo, and I realized there are leftovers from when I tried to uninstall Emsis the last time you helped me.
  5. This is the error I get. Same thing happens with Firefox. I tried while logged in and logged out:
  6. Thanks a lot for your help! That link for eepdisk isn't working.
  7. I am trying to fully uninstall Emsisoft. Right now it's mostly uninstalled, but I can't get it to fully uninstall. It's not listed in the start menu, and I cannot run Emsisoft, but it still shows up in the Windows Apps & Features. And, if I try to install Emsisoft it tells me I cannot, because I already have Emsisoft installed. I get the following error when running uninstall: I run Emsisoft clean and it didn't find anything.
  8. Thanks! I ran the tool, but it wasn't clear to me which button to choose. So, first I chose to close the application and the generated file seemed empty. So, I then ran the remove function. Then I realized you didn't want me to hit that button. I have attached both log files. The program removed Emsisoft, but I didn't select to remove the install directory. The program wasn't able to delete two registry keys, should I delete them manually? And should I delete the install directory? P.S. May I suggest next time this occurs you quote the exact button you want pressed? It wasn't clear to me what you wanted me to do. Being more precise would be helpful. EmsiClean_2018.03.06_08.17.56.txt EmsiClean_2018.03.06_08.19.06.txt
  9. I can't uninstall Emsisoft. Can someone help me please? Specs: Windows 10 Home BitDefender Total Security What I tried: Uninstall with BitDefender disabled (I can uninstall it if that's a better idea, then uninstall Emsisoft, then reinstall BitDefender). Deleted logs.db3 from SafeMode, but it just reapers after boot. Uninstalled Java