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  1. Kosmocrat

    EAM + SecureAPlus Compatibility

    Thanks for the reply! By the way, what's coming out in the next update? Is it some sort of update for the components?
  2. Is there any known compatibility issues between EAM and SecureAPlus? I'm going to be running it alongside Emsisoft but I wanted to get an opinion on whether they are compatible before I install SecureAPlus.
  3. Kosmocrat

    Adding Time With New Licence Key

    To renew it I believe you log in to MyEmsisoft (the license portal) and there should be an option somewhere that will let you renew it. License Portal: https://my.emsisoft.com
  4. Kosmocrat

    Adding Time With New Licence Key

    I'm not too sure, but if I were you I'd wait until the license has nearly expired and then renew, just in case it doesn't add the 80 days that you currently have left.
  5. Kosmocrat

    Payment Question

    I'm from the United Kingdom, the debit card is a VISA.
  6. Kosmocrat

    Payment Question

    Do you guys take VISA debit cards or just credit cards for payment? I saw that the payment options say "credit card, paypal, wire transfer" and has no mention of debit cards.
  7. Kosmocrat

    New Trial Key

    Could I possibly get a new trial key for the 30 day trial? I uninstalled emsisoft a while ago and never fully tested it and I am thinking of buying it if this test goes well. Thanks, Kosmo667