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  1. Hello, i was also attacked by [email protected] in 2018.03.03 with extension of "amnesia" . My corporation was many backup files but not 100%, some i think we lost forever. I tried amnesia1 and amnesia2 ( decrypter [URL_=_"https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/emsisoft-releases-a-decryptor-for-the-amnesia-ransomware/"_] here [_/_URL_], first program nothing found and with amnesia2 i restored just few names of files but these files showed message "...the file has been damaged..." ID ransomware found 1 Result named "Scarab". This ransomware is still under analysis. Some samples with sizes, encrypted 28.301bytes / original 28.124 //////// encrypted 370.669bytes / original 370.492 //////// -----> difference 177 it would be helpful i can send original and encrypted files, i have a lot of them