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    Reading, writing, computers, fast jets, drag racing, chess, GO, fluid power, outdoors-man - fishing; hunting; hiking; camping; Fly-tying; rifleman to include ballistics & reloading ammunition - video gaming - console or PC mostly, photography, music - guitarist, composer, producer, repair/modify guitars; amplifiers; stomp pedals; re-cone speakers - and anything else that I forgot or chose to not share. I am an OCD Infopreneur...
  1. Thanks for the information. I may have been a bit too anxious when I was browsing. It happens enough that I consider it a bodily function, now.✌
  2. I am a new user of this software. I have been exposed to PCs since 1997. I have used many Security Software apps throughout my years of using a PC to answer many questions. Norton, MacAffee, AVG, AVAST, COMODO, BlackIce, Kaspery, Malware Bytes, Windows Defender, + others, that were suggested by friends who are IT or NERDS (like myself), have all seen some use by me. I came upon this one through a link while trolling for some new AV/MWs. I evaluating it, extensively, and I can not fathom how to use the EMERGENCY KIT to create a portable version using USB jump-drive! Perhaps I am having a brain-fart and am confused by the smell......I am reaching out for some direction that shall allow me to accomplish what I presume is : being capable of transporting a application from EMISOFT which is written on a USB Drive to test a PC for infections. I appreciate any AND ALL comments. ( FLAMING is allowed, but my reaction(s) to it are NULL & VOID)
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