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  1. I’m curious to know what other people are using to replace Comodo firewall. I’m using VoodooShield free and GlassWire free. I tried TinyWall but it didn’t seem to like my VPN.
  2. David Comodo - I had only the firewall & cloud based behavior, everything else was turned off. The last two attempts of mine, I could only recover by reverting to a clone, so no chance of logs. I think I'm going to stick with Windows firewall until I know the coast is clear, and after reading Sarah's article, I may just stick with the Windows firewall. Signing off, Glenn
  3. It's like being in a bad relationship, which is to say THE PROBLEM IS NOT YET FIXED. After many hours I had the computer running smoothly, EAM & Windows firewall, so I updated EAM and re-installed Comodo firewall. Well it didn't work and it has taken me almost an hour to my computer back up. In Safe Mode, I tried msconfig, uninstalling & System Restore, but without any luck. I wish you guys would stop guessing, and actually test your solutions.
  4. I ran some tests and the problem is a comparability issue with Comodo firewall. I was using Comodo firewall, not Internet Security Suite (which has AV). I uninstalled Comodo firewall and rebooted. I installed the latest EAM and rebooted, and the computer booted up fine. I reinstalled Comodo firewall and rebooted, and the computer would not boot. I entered Safe Mode, but could not uninstall either EAM or Comodo firewall. I had clone back to an earlier time to get my computer running again. Please fix the compatibility issue with Comodo firewall, and alert me when it is fixed.
  5. My brother has EAM and Comodo firewall, and he has the same problem.
  6. I used SysInternals AutoRuns (Logon tab) to disable startup on all but a few necessary programs. The results were the same, the system hangs during boot.
  7. After updating to the latest version, the computer hangs on reboot. I had to go to Safe Mode to uninstall. OS: Win 7 Ultimate, 64-bit Other AV: Comodo Firewall (not AV), VodooShield free Autoruns: Eraser, SoftPerfect RAM disk, Samsung RAPID mode, Dimension 4, Virtual Clone Drive, ID Manager, Pure VPN, Rainlendar2, TextAloud 3, USB safely remove, KeyScrambler, Snagit and Hard disk sentinel. It is during the loading of the autoruns that the system hangs, and does not recover. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.3.0.8555 Updating to this version required a reboot, and that is when the problem started. I have cloned back a few times, and every time the Emsisoft update causes the computer to freeze during reboot. I’ve tried updating from the old (clone) Emsisoft, and also downloading the latest installer, both with same results. I thought it must be a bad update, but the lack of action on the forum tells me different. I downloaded the latest EEK, and it found no problems. I’m still afraid to reinstall EAM as I’ve already put hours into it. Yes, I can boot into Safe Mode, but EAM real time protection seemed to be off there.
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