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  1. Thanks a lot! I will try it later. Love your software!
  2. I disable Direct Disk Access and it can work properly...But I did made the crash again with the old setting(Direct Disk Access and NTFS Alternate Data Streams enabled). When it crash the memory usage in Windows's Task Manager down to 0.1MB, but in Sysinternals' s vmmap was 1303788K ? I packed the screenshot into the 7z file. And I used Sysinternals' s procdump64 to make some dump files without update the EEK (Because processhacker's virustotal scan result is a little scary... ). 3 full dumps(1.22GB) and 3 miniplus dumps(184MB). I will PM you the Google drive link to the dump fil
  3. OK, I will do some research to make a memory dump after scan my machine using other scanner to secure it. Thanks for replies. And please forgive my pool English. XD
  4. Standalone EEK Ver 2018.3.0.8532 stable [zh-cn] OS: Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition) X64 I just downloaded it before use and updated the signatures. The last log is: --------------------------------- 2018/4/3 18:09:55 扫描主引导区... 2018/4/3 18:09:55 扫描系统文件夹 'CSIDL_DRIVERS'... 2018/4/3 18:09:57 扫描内存 ... 2018/4/3 18:10:05 扫描残留痕迹 ... 2018/4/3 18:10:10 扫描文件夹 ... --------------------------------- End with scanning folders. Scan setting(in picture):
  5. I used EEK to run a custom scan to scan full disk for 2 times and it crash in same file (in picture): Hope help to solve bugs.
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