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  1. This ransomware is still under analysis. Please refer to the appropriate topic for more information. Samples of encrypted files and suspicious files may be needed for continued investigation. Identified by sample_extension: .locked.<ext> Click here for more information about CryptoWire
  2. First of all, excuse my English. On May 23, 2017 at 12:27 AM, I entered a "virus" on my PC that encrypted a large part of my files with a .locked extension. I have been dealing with the RANSONWAMRE ID to identify what virus it is, and so proceed to recover my files, without success :(. In one of the forums that he consulted, they told me that it might be the Stampado virus, and today reading more information, I stumble upon you, so I go with my query so they can guide and help me. Already, a big greeting from Argentina Thank you very much
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