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  1. Danke für den Report. Habs mal an die entsprechenden Entwickler weitergeleitet.
  2. Open a-squared Anti-Malware, select "Quarantine" from the navigation menu, select the entry referring to "explorer.exe" and use the "Save Copy" option to save a copy of the infected file. The file will be saved in a way that it stays unexecutable so there is no risk of reinfecting your computer if the file is actually infected. Then just attach the file to an email to [email protected] and you are set. If you don't know how to attach a file to an email please take a look at your mail softwares documentation.
  3. Without at least a name of what was found it is quite hard to diagnose what happened in your case. In general explorer.exe is an executable like any other and it can get infected by a virus like any other file. This is a rare occurrence though. If after a reboot your explorer.exe is still missing try pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE and start the Task Manager. Inside the Task Manager you can click "File", "New Task". Using the "Browse" button navigate to the Anti-Malware directory and select "a2start.exe". This way you should be able to start Anti-Malware and restore the file from Quarantine. Once you have done that reboot and you should have your possibly infected Explorer back. Once you are at that point you may want to send a copy of explorer.exe as well as the name a-squared Anti-Malware detects it as to [email protected] so I can take a look at it.
  4. It would be a lot safer to remove Anti-Malware 5.0 and install 4.5 again. Just deactivating beta updates and letting the updater downdate the application can leave 5.0 components installed in the system which may cause trouble later. So if you haven't done a reinstall of Anti-Malware you may want to consider updating to 5.0 again, uninstalling Anti-Malware and installing again after a reboot using one of the setups provided on our homepage.
  5. Sorry, aber der Screenshot ist so klein, daß ich nichts erkennen kann.
  6. The problem was already discussed here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1496-a2-not-allowed-access-to-firefox/ The advise is quite simple: Stop using beta updates. Uninstall Anti-Malware 5.0 and reinstall 4.5 again. Using beta software on a machine that is used for productive purposes in general is a really bad idea.
  7. This is not a malware related problem. It is actually a bug in the latest beta build and essentially the same issue already discussed here: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1496-a2-not-allowed-access-to-firefox/ Therefore I moved your post out of the Malware removal help section into the Anti-Malware support section.
  8. Bereits bekannt: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1496-a2-not-allowed-access-to-firefox http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/1451-a-squared-anti-malware-5-0-diskussionsthread-zur-beta/page__view__findpost__p__7461
  9. The problem is known and was introduced with the latest update that was published about an hour ago. Until it is fixed the easiest way is to just deactivate the File Guard entirely.
  10. Das Problem mit dem verweigerten Zugriff auf einige Anwendungen ist bekannt. Es genügt den File Guard zu deaktivieren bis das Problem behoben ist. Ansonsten existiert derzeit kein 5.0 Setup Packet, weshalb ich Dir auch keinen direkten Download nennen kann.
  11. Der Updater entfernt generell keine Dateien. Bedeutet die a2handler.dll wird solange im Verzeichnis liegen bleiben bis deinstalliert wird. Dieses Verhalten ist auch explizit erwünscht. Ein Downgrade wird nicht empfohlen, da das Update den 5.0 Behavior Blocker zwar installieren nicht aber entfernen kann. Bedeutet wenn Du auf 5.0 updatest und dann zurück auf 4.5 wechselst, sind beide Behavior Blocker aktiv. Ebenso wird der 5.0 Behavior Blocker nicht entfernt, wenn 4.5 deinstalliert wird, sondern nur, wenn eine 5.0 Version deinstalliert wird.
  12. Define "freeze" please. Did the mouse still move? Did application that were already running still work? What OS are we talking about? Is any other security software installed?
  13. I will try to get my hands on a copy to test it. Thanks for your report.
  14. NIS = Norton Internet Security? What version on what kind of system? What are your Anti-Malware settings?
  15. Sorry for the late replies guys. It was a busy weekend. Problems with Internet Explorer 8 with UAC enabled on certain operating systems are known. You may want to test the Surf Protection using "ping". Define "blocks it". Does the setup give an error? Is a message displayed from Anti-Malware? If that's the case, what message? What system are you using? What applications did you try to install that triggered the problem? Please try to be a little bit more specific. Words like "block", "freeze" or "crash" could mean just about anything. You can already do that. Each scanner alert has a "Submit" link. Additionally you can exclude files from protection which is essentially the white list functionality: Define freeze please. Did the mouse stuck or could you still move the mouse? What operating system do you use? It was changed as stated in the change log. Can you please give me the output of the following 3 commands? sc query a2injectionservice sc qc a2injectionservice fltmc Thanks. I don't think there are any conflicts between Anti-Malware and the WMDC since they work in completely unrelated areas. The problem you describe can happen if for some reason the Anti-Malware service stops processing requests. Again - this is a known issue as stated in the beta posting. If you have Internet Explorer 8 in protected mode (which is the default if you have UAC enabled) Surf Protection does not work. You may want to use a different browser or any other utility to test it (like ping.exe). If you have UAC disabled or disabled protected mode for IE and is still does not work, please post again.
  16. Was merkwürdig ist, da a2handler.dll nicht mehr genutzt wird. Bedeutet auf Deinem System waren zumindest bei dem Update bis zum nächsten Reboot 2 verschiedene Behavior Blocker Versionen gleichzeitig aktiv. Das kann verschiedene Gründe haben. Der wahrscheinlichste ist, daß beim Beenden und Entfernen der alten 4.5 Service Version ein Absturz verhindert hat, daß der alte Behavior Blocker korrekt entladen wurde. Ein Restart sollte das Problem jedenfalls lösen und dafür sorgen, daß nur der 5.0 Behavior Blocker aktiv ist. Definiere "fror ein". Blieb die Maus stehen oder konnte man die Maus noch bewegen? Es ist unwahrscheinlich, daß die UAC eine Rolle spielt. Ansonsten würde ich Dich bitten in Zukunft keine Bugreports mehr direkt zu posten sondern als Text Datei an Dein Posting anzuhängen.
  17. Ich werds nochmal an die entsprechenden Entwickler weitergeben. Ich selbst kann das Problem nicht reproduzieren.
  18. Probier mal folgende Settings in Deine sandboxie.ini hinzuzufügen. Auf meinen Testrechnern funktioniert es damit: OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\{A2IPCMUTEX}a2_ipc OpenPipePath=\Device\NamedPipe\{A2IPC}a2_ipc
  19. We are currently looking into the crashes. Up to now the issue never showed up during testing because up to now there never was down time on either of the update servers. I will keep you guys updated.
  20. All IKARUS server are down currently. Since they haven't sent us any notification about the down time (at least not as far as I know) I have to assume that there are technical problems causing the outage. I will try to get additional information as soon as possible.
  21. The Anti-Malware network community has currently about 41.000 participants. About 100.000 applications are known. Be aware that different language or program versions count as separate applications.
  22. Does the problem still occur when the Anti-Malware shell extension is deactivated?