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  1. Hi Fantasio, please go to Microsoft Technet and download Process Monitor. Process Monitor will record all kinds of activity on your system and display it to you. After download and unpacking please run the application. The default settings should be sufficient. Then please press CTRL+E to stop the logging as well as CTRL+X to clear all events recorded yet. Let the tool run in the background. As soon as those spikes happen again switch to Process Monitor and press CTRL+E again to record the system's activity. After about about 10 - 20 seconds of recording the problem hit CTRL+E again to stop recording. Next please save the report recorded using the applications save functions (All Events, Process Monitor Native Format). Then compress the report using the compression tool of your choice (or right click, "Send to", "Compressed folder" if you don't have a compression tool installed) and send the archive via mail to [email protected] If you need further help just ask.
  2. Ah ok, then everything is fine. IKARUS released a completely new database yesterday because of some database format changes.
  3. If you don't issue a scan every 3 seconds (by for example starting an application every 3 seconds) this is not normal behavior. No. The service is pretty much unnoticeable to most people. At least we never got complains about it's CPU usage. We had a few complains about it's memory usage which we addressed a few weeks ago. But no one to my knowledge complained about it's CPU usage in the background so far. Would you be able to do some tests to find out what is going wrong on your system?
  4. IKARUS changed their database format yesterday. So the full database download was intentional. Since the update was quite large the update server were quite busy so broadband users may not have been able to download full speed as usual.
  5. Ich konnte vor ca. 1 - 2 Minuten noch problemlos updaten. Welche Fehlermeldung bekommst Du denn zu sehen?
  6. Did it really offer you a 50 GB update or was the MB just a mistake?
  7. Vollständiger x64 Support wird erst mit Version 5.0 gegeben sein. Die internen Tests laufen bereits, das Release wird nach einem weiteren öffentlichen Betatest stattfinden.
  8. We don't scan network streams, no. We will most likely never do. Scanning network streams is quite difficult and causes a lot of compatibility issues. The security gain on the other hand is debatable. So there almost certainly won't be any network stream scanning in the future.
  9. a2guard.exe doesn't seem to be running. Can you try starting it manually using the a-squared Guard link in the start menu?
  10. Can you please provide a screenshot of the process view of your task manager? I can nowhere see one that indicates that a2guard.exe is in fact running. The a-squared Service you posted a screenshot off is NOT the guard. So please right click the task bar, select "Start Task Manager" and post a screenshot of the Processes tab.
  11. Can you please make a screenshot of the a-squared Anti-Malware screen right after starting it and attach it here? Just to be sure: a2guard.exe is not listed in the Task Manager (you referred to the Device Manager which would be something entirely different)? Additionally Windows 7 hides all tray icons per default. Are you sure you clicked the "Show hidden icons" button to see all tray icons?
  12. The problem affects only Windows 7 x64 so far. Just activate the Shell Extension and try to use the Windows Media Player jump list or try to select "Manage" from the context menu of the "Computer" entry of your Start menu.
  13. The problem with the jump lists can be reproduced. No ETA on a fix yet but we are working on it.
  14. There is no such functionality planned currently. If you want to backup your settings you can export them manually. Just save "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Emsi Software GmbH" or "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Emsi Software GmbH" using Registry Editor. Be aware that such an export can only be imported on the same machine again, since the encryption of the configuration is bound to the Windows license key used.
  15. Essentially you can import any hosts file you want as long as it does have a proper format. I just imported the hosts file you linked to in a-squared without a problem. Can you provide a text file that can't be imported properly?
  16. The license key is only used once to activate a license on a specific account. Therefore you don't need it anymore. So just use the account you applied the coupon code when installing a-squared and you are good to go.
  17. You're welcome . Enjoy your free license.
  18. Please run the online update at least once after selecting your 1 year license.
  19. This is normal because your browser starts downloading the start page before it is even visible to the user. Additionally Firefox uses TCP/IP for inter-process communication which looks suspicious. I have moved your request to the appropriate area. Please read and follow this thread carefully. Thanks.
  20. Yeah, that looks fine . There shouldn't be any problems with a-squared Anti-Malware 4.5. With a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 there may be some comparability issues due to the introduction of on-access scanning. We have tried to implement on-access scanning in a way that is compatible to other AVs. But there may be incompatibilities we missed so far.
  21. Prinzipiell sind alle neuen Versionen während der Laufzeit der Lizenz inklusive. Sollte Deine Lizenz also noch gültig sein, wenn a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 released wird, wirst Du problemlos darauf upgraden können.
  22. Prinzipiell ist so ziemlich jede AV Software die x64 Systeme supportet auch mit a-squared kompatibel. Entsprechend ist es Deine persönliche Entscheidung was Du bis zum Erscheinen von a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 einsetzt.
  23. The forum support and ticket support staff is entirely different. So in general people here on this forum don't have access to the support tickets. I have taken a look at your ticket though. My guess would be that you used a different account for buying the licenses. Since I don't have access to the actual order database I can't look up your order. I have forwarded your ticket to someone who has access to the orders so he can look up what account was used when ordering a-squared.
  24. In general, yes. There are situations where 50 updates are used within less time or more. But 3 days is a general estimation. This isn't what happened in your case though. The limit was not chosen arbitrary. There is a point where the sum of sizes of the delta files will exceed the size of the whole database. This point is reached at roughly 50 delta files. While we can discuss endlessly about the disadvantages of the approach there really is nothing we could do about it. We brought that problem to IKARUS' attention several times. They are looking into it. But that's pretty much it.