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  1. He may be a Windows 9x user and use the a-squared Anti-Malware 9x Edition which is currently at
  2. We are currently investigating the problem. It will take a few days though.
  3. What could be more official than an official newsletter? Beside that since a few weeks now Windows 7 is listed as officially supported here.
  4. Das Thema hatten wir im alten Forum bereits. Folgende Ausnahmen sollten dafür sorgen, daß der Surfschutz funktioniert: OpenIpcPath=\RPC Control\mchIpca2_* OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\mc2SWDIJ1 OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\a2_* OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\mch* OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\AutoUnhookMap* OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\Mutex*mAH* OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\NamedBuffer*mix* OpenIpcPath=*\BaseNamedObjects*\NamedBuffer*mAH*
  5. Do you use a proxy or any kind of anonymizer to connect to the internet?
  6. Please be more specific. The feature wasn't removed. So how could it return?
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