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  1. Thanks for your help. Are people working on a scarab decrypt tool? Also, the ransom text file that came with this virus shows a gmail account as the contact info. Isn’t there someone looking to find these people (and accounts) and stop them doing this? Who can I report this to? thanks again, I’ll start wiping my pc tonight...
  2. Hi, I've done as you've recommended and it's come back as scarab, even though all the file say amnesia. Link is here Obviously this site says there is nothing I can do, is that the case? Is this normal to encrypt my NAS drive and laptop? Are other devices on my network at risk? (I'm using my MAC now, is that any less likely to get encrypted?)... All the stuff that's been locked are family photo's (a lot of photos) and backups, is there anything else worth a try? Many thanks for your help, it is appreciated.
  3. Hello, I'm looking for some help. I have a laptop that runs a media server and the files are stored on my wd NAS drive. It would appear 3 days ago my PC was infected. The majority of the files have been renames and now have .amnesia as the extension. Every folder has a text file included showing a process to pay someone in bitcoin to recover my files. I have checked one of the encrypted files on virustotal and it confirmed the file was clean. I have tried multiple antivirus programmes and Kaspersky is currently running a full scan. Nothing has been found so far. This has encrypted all files on laptop and on my NAS drive. I am also running decrypt_amnesia.exe and is currently at 40% (hopefully this will crack it!). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks