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  1. Unconvincing answer. To the shared folder with distributions I, as an administrator, have the maximum possible set of access rights. The digital signature is inside the executable itself, and if the file itself can be read from the network folder, what prevents reading from it, already read, the digital signature? Perhaps the problem is that the EAM services are running on behalf of the SYSTEM user who does not have access to the network folders? Or is that EAM does not support Cyrillic in network paths? Неубедительный ответ. К расшаренной папке с дистрибутивами у меня, как у
  2. I did not understand why EAM can not read the digital signature over the network share? After all, if I run an unsigned executable from a shared folder, Windows immediately screams for it! Не понял, почему EAM не может прочитать цифровую подпись по сети? Ведь если я запускаю неподписанный исполняемый файл из расшаренной папки с дистрибутивами, Windows сразу же кричит об этом!
  3. It would be nice, but in due time, a lot of licenses for Windows XP were purchased, and the company does not want to spend money for the purchase of Windows 10 again - it has many other items of expenses (for example, the purchase of corporate antivirus). In addition, for the new operating system will need to buy new, more modern computers, and this increases the investment by several times. And if you consider that every major Windows 10 update puts its customers in the knee-elbow position, then it would be better to use this OS less often. In addition, users mostly use their comput
  4. Indeed, the problem occurs when you run the installer from a network folder. First, there is a long delay when nothing happens, then the EAM sends out a message: "Remote cleaning is not supported, because threats or PUP can not be correctly deleted without risking system loading. Please run the test locally on the required system. File: \\S\distributions\Utilities other\piriform ccleaner\ccsetup543.exe". When the installers are restarted, the message does not appear, programs are not installed and their processes in the Task Manager are abscent . When running installers from a local disk, ther
  5. Using the CryptoPrevent kills the Shadow Copy subsystem in Windows XP. Restore the functionality of VSS after this is impossible by any method found on the Web. When I reported this to the developers, they simply waved me away, making it clear that I was a fool and that's my problem. Attempts to protect themselves against Ransomware by this program had the following consequences: 1) a huge loss of time for its installation and configuration - both work unbearably slowly; 2) the software installed on the company's computers ceased to be updated; 3) in order to update any program o
  6. I tried to update the CCleaner utility (https://www.ccleaner.com) and Speccy (https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy). PiriformSpeccy1.32.740.exe isn't contain a PUP. Ccsetup543.exe install PUP if you do not uncheck the box. I uncheck the box, but I can not install at all these utilities with the EAM protection turned on. When "Quarantine with notification" was selected in the settings, a notification popped up indicating that the installation was locked. After I changed the setting to "Alert", any notifications stopped popping up at all, and programs are simply not installed. Quarantine is empty as
  7. I have the same problem. I forwarded the incoming traffic to the computer where EEC is installed, namely TCP ports 8080, 8082, 31200, 31201. In EEC "Bind address" (can you tell us what is it and how to eat it?) is empty, Start Update Proxy automatically = Yes, Port = 8080. On the computer with EAM, I click the "Connect to Enterprise Console" button, specify the server's IP address, port 31201 and password and get "The computer is connected and controlled by EEC. ServerName:8082 - connection not established". On the first attempt, ECC even displayed a remote computer with EAM, but since th
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