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  1. Yes, i thought the same that, i will install older version and update to latest version which i did but seems like it was having compatibility issue with window 10. ideally there should not be any compatibility issue, which i had thought that it will not be and i had installed version 11. anyway i have installed latest version. it works fine. thanks a lot for quick support.
  2. yes i installed emsisoft antimalware 11 then updated to latest defination update. however let me check this.
  3. please find attached emsisoft dignostic tool log as requested. please help me. when i run emsisoft services, its shows "major problem has prevented application from runnig. emsisoft can not connect to service application. " please help EmsisoftDiagLog.txt
  4. i uninstalled emsisoft antimalware msi.. after installing fresh emsisoft antimalware, emsisoft overview screen is not coming. hence there seems to be problem in my window 10..can you guide me?
  5. yes i created it on desktop. but it has some problems. its not able to detect eicar sample virus file even while downloading and also scanning option not visible right click scan option not visible. after uninstallation, system is not able to start up and said that i have to restore ,so i have to restore my system. you have any better option? should i remove it ? or what should i do.
  6. yes i used MSI installer for installing. so do i need to install again exe installer? so i can see emsisoft antimalware symbol on desktop. in system tray its already coming, but its not visible on desktop which generally used to come.
  7. hi, symbol of emsisioft antimalawre on desktop is not coming..may i know how to keep it on desktop?