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  1. Most likely not. Why don't you try to uninstall Emsisoft, reboot and install it again?
  2. I am sorry , my intention was not to disturb the forum but just to point out that free anti viruses offer EXACTLY the same level of protection as paid anti viruses. Please take a look at Bitdefender free, Kaspersky free. They use absolutely the same engine and definitions; the only inconvenience is that certain options are grey out, but this has zero impact on their capability. Another good example is Microsoft Defender , see here: https://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-s-windows-defender-is-now-one-of-the-best-antivirus-apps-in-the-world-526882.shtml " Windows Defender is now one of the leading antivirus products worldwide, according to a research conducted by the security researchers over at German institute AV-TEST. ..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Go to BleepingComputer, GeeksToGo, TechSupportForum, Malware Removal University, or any other major online free malware removal support site and look through the logs people post there when requesting help". The reason for that is the fact that free versions do not come with support , only the paid one. Whoever has a paid version, will get support from the vendor, that's why you do not see people with paid version of antivirus on "BleepingComputer, GeeksToGo, TechSupportForum, Malware Removal University"
  3. You may want to reconsider this statement, as Avast! free, Bitdefender Free, KasperskyFree offer exactly the same level of protection as the paid versions only less bells and whistle . And the detection rate of any of these 3 free anti-viruses is/was always superior to emsisoft.
  4. A screenshot of Windows pirated version (using KMS) is no different than a screenshot of genuine OEM Windows, so your statement proves nothing.
  5. This is EXACTLY how every test in the world works; when I passed admission for university , I had to solve in 3 hours 5 math. tests . Only 5, even though in high school I solved thousands of tests. What would you expect me to say, that in real life I am a smart guy but the tests were not representative for a "real life" situation and even though I failed , I am still a good guy! Anyway, as a consumer, I will always chose an antivirus which was tested by third parties versus one not tested and self proclaimed "good / the best"
  6. Absolutely!!! You are entitled to your own opinion. Also, next time when you buy a new car, DO NOT trust the safety report about your car, done by a third party company. To be absolutely sure, crush it yourself....
  7. Malwarebytes participated in AV Comparatives a while ago with catastrophic results and they decided not to participate anymore. Recently they participate again , with not so encouraging results. But they claim to be NOT and antivirus. Webroot claimed to have an "innovative approach' in PC security (journalism) and they failed miserably in each and every tests ; later they decided not to participate anymore and now the company was acquired by Carbonite. Most likely the product will disappear from the market, the way it is. The point is , you will never see a product which is successful in AV Comparative /AV Test deciding NOT TO PARTICIPATE anymore. Typically, the companies which are not so successful in testings will invoke a reason or another not to participate any longer.
  8. This is not a very encouraging statement! Participating in VB100 is almost equal to ZERO. I recently checked VB100 and I see software like "Defenx Security Suite, ALYac, Exosphere..." passing VB100 with flying marks . Never heard about these software. EMSI soft is using somebody else's engine, has the former Mamutu behavior blocker , and if is not able to participate in AV Comparatives or AV Test and get a good result, well... that is not encouraging at all.
  9. Just a quick question: Why Behavior Blocker is dependent on a cloud network???? From what I remember, Mamutu had a set of rules implemented locally . And what if you take your laptop in a trip where you do not have internet connection (airplane, remote area, some other country) and want to watch a movie /read a book from an USB stick which is infected? How are you going to be protected?
  10. I do not want to ruin your enthusiasm but EMSISOFT decided not to participate in AV test, so which results are you talking about???? In latest AV Comparatives, EMSI scored 97.9% (Microsoft free had 100%) so, really , what are you talking about???? It is supposed to be like that for a paid product.
  11. What about contacting sale team to opt-in????? Wouldn't be more logical /fair???
  12. The testing organizations share the samples with the "not so good antivirus software" because otherwise the vendor would complain about detection rate ; when a teacher discuses with a student the mark and shares the failed subjects , is not for the student to know in the future but rather to justify the mark. When the passing mark is 99%, yes , 97% seems low. In over 2000 years we still have the same 10 commandments as "behavior standard" , unmodified, and the expectation is for us to behave accordingly . At least that was my understanding about a behavior blocker; once you have a set of rules, should be good for life....
  13. That is not the point; this was a test and adding the detection after the test is pointless Again this was a test; how many times ,in real life you will have to solve a triple integral??? Yet, this could be a test for university admission. Behavior blocker is a mature product (since Mamutu) , which in theory doesn't require permanent maintenance; so, what issue????
  14. What about "unknown" Ransomware??? I thought that is the job of a Behavior Blocker is block "unknown" malwares. As long as the malware is known, there is a signature for it and can be blocked traditionally.
  15. Is EMSI focusing in the right direction??? The group of users using 2 or more antimalware simultaneously is insignificant ( Kaspersky, Avast, AVG all have a detection rate over 99% by themselves) . All antimalware solution have some sort of HIPS or behavior blocker , so running EMSI on top of this is unnecessary expense and asking for trouble.
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